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cant drink water??


getting slimmer
normally i love water, i drunk loads before this diet, ad had no probs the first 12 days. then i cheated with a drink and rubbish food, and i cant get into drinking water again.
dont know if going out had anything to do with it, but really stuggling to drink alot of water, anyone know why this might be?

does drinking buillion (sp?) count?

thanks guys. xx
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CW Consultant

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Don't know why you can't drink the water now if you could before:confused: The 4 pints minimum must be water, tea and coffee in addition.

Veg flavouring does not count you are limited to 1 tsp per day anyway so thats only 1 mug.

Try mixing your shakes with a little extra water and drink your water a cup every hour rather than trying to down the lot in one go.


getting slimmer
thanks for the advice, didnt know you could only have i cup a day either!
only got it today and only had one cup so thats lucky! x


Will be slim!!!!!!!
i was like you, used to drink litres of it before starting the diet, and found it easy until sorta week 5 and found it hard to get through 2 litres when normally i was having 8 litres, but i just perserved and kept drinking water and eventually got back into the swing of things, good luck! xx