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can't eat , won't eat!!

Can anyone identify with my predicament?

I have done 4 1/2 weeks on LT. I have lost 25lbs.
I decided that i would lose my remaining 7lbs more slowly as people have said that the rapid weight loss has left me looking tired and a pale (must agree with them) I am knackered all the time.

I decided to refeed and follow slimming world for a few weeks, especially as i have a promotion exam next week and need to be on top of my game.

My dilemma is , I have spent weeks looking forward to having real food. But now i can't eat as I am so scared of coming out of ketosis and feeling hungry.

I am also scared of putting weight back on. I have put food in my mouth and then spat it out!! how stupid am I ???

answers on a postcard please!!!!
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I'm exactly the same, I'm eating but hardly, and I'm feeling guilty about it. Craved a chocolate the other night - just one - and I was sick as a dog after I'd eaten it. I wanted to be sick too, I wanted rid of it.

Oh Zayna

so glad its not just me!! i thought i was losing my marbles... maybe i am , but at least i am not alone in the nut house!!!

Well done on your weight loss so far, good luck.
hunni ts not that bad im into my 3rd week of refeed i lost 2lbs the 1st week maintained the 2nd and lost 1/2 a pound this week i have 3 meals a day and occasionally a healthy snack i have even had a few treats! i always feel full so there is never a need for me to pick you will be fine i felt the same as you as my refeed day got closer but it really is not that bad
I am in a dilmema like you as I am off this week and have not stuck to a full lipotrim day for nearly 2 weeks.I have had some chocolate and other naughties but generally i have stuck to meat and eggs which i think help keep you in ketosis, so dont worry yourself about it.
7lbs is nothing to take your time with. Do what's best for you -you've displayed your self control already so dont worry. You will be able to maintain!!


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Am in week 5 and not planning to refeed until have completed 13 weeks on this but today I satrted worrying about what eating will be like again so I know I need to psychologically adjust to that over the next 8 weeks
thanks for your replies , it really helps me when i come on here, you lot never let me down.
I have just had some rasberries, they were delicious, I am on my way now.........

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