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cant get back into it

G: 9st3lb
So i had my lapse on saturday,but didnt put any weight on. Then got really ill and now im still ill though nothing like i was and i am STRUGGLING to try and get back on cambridge. I just keep cheating.
Think its coz im bored and too ill to do anything and i know im not in ketosis and cant face it at the moment but i can feel the weight going back on- too scared to get on the scales again!

Anyone else having this/had this?

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Yes I have attempted CD 4 times now and I'm on day 3. After my third attempt it took me 4 wks to realise that I can do this so dont feel to bad if I was you I would wait till you are fully recovered get in the right frame of mind then just go for it.


I will get to goal .....
Oh no hun!!! Sorry no hugs from me, just some tough love ;):D

What you need to do is go find a mirror and give yourself a good old fashioned talking to!!

You CAN do this, and you will. Look at your losses to date and how good you feel about them and just imagine how you will feel back in the swing of things and losing again .....

Ask yourself how much you want to be at goal - picture yourself in your goal outfit. Now hop to it and get a grip!! :p


p.s. glad to hear you are starting to feel better now
G: 9st3lb
Haha thanks dobbie...i know i need to get a grip and pull myself together...i know im probs way over ten now! but guess it'll only get worse....

Am feelin a little better but not ideal...my sis in law has flu but im also throwing up-nice so not sure wat is it ive got grrrr so annoying lol!

Tough love is what i need from now on as im being reckless lol xxx
S: 11st13lb C: 11st13lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Aww daisy I feel the same. only a stone to go too:(

doesnt help it beinga long bank holiday weekend either all I can think of is chocolate eggs ffs lol


Im just me!
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
your not the only one had wknd off and when monday come had 2 shakes! then had dinner totally come of cd now and back on ww
G: 9st3lb
really? I dont want to not do cambridge i just need to find some blimming willpower- its deserted me!
But need it back as have to be 9 by 23rd April!!
So HAVE to do this....

Dobbie- i need your willpower gimme gimme gimme!

Fuffa....you cheating too or just finding it hard with that lovely prospect!lol...thats the thing, like im cheating at the moment but i DONT EVEN WANT THE FOOD....not hungry or anything just bored!!

Back to my bad eating patterns and gota sort myself out xxx
S: 11st13lb C: 11st13lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well I had Monday off and wish I hadn't now:(

I just remembered why I am doing this diet..coz I can't do any other diet so I think it's time to remove my finger out my bum and get on with it!!

Only 3 weeks of SS I can do that can't I? Seeing my CDC tomorrow and I really don't want too I know I'm going to have a gain (was 4 lbs this morning <cry> lol)

Has anyone gained or am I on my own?


I will get to goal .....
RIGHT .... you two :whoopass: (Fuffa & Daisy)

Consider this your butt kicking. No more food, no more cheating, NO MORE DAYS OFF! You are only making this harder for yourselves by giving in! STOP NOW BEFORE IT'S ANOTHER FEW LBS ON!!!

BTW I'm with you Fuffa on the choccie egg thing :rolleyes: I really want one, but I know if I so much as smell it I'll be off the wagon so I'm not going there ;):D

Go treat yourselves to a trashy celeb style magazine and STAY AWAY FROM THE FOOD! You know that you don't need it, you know that you don't really want it and you know that you'll put on lbs if you do give in to it.

It's just food - and it'll still be there when you get to goal ;):D

Some of my willpower coming your way :vibes::vibes::vibes:

At this rate I'll be beating you both to goal :party0049: and a girl needs a bit of healthy competition to keep her on her toes right ;):rolleyes:

S: 11st13lb C: 11st13lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Dobbie my scales say 9st 5lbs wahhhhhhh was so nearly in the 8st region grrr how annoying bet I can be in it by Monday next week though;)

Whats your goal again same as mine isn't it?

I had all the chocolate etc removed out of the house last night I can't break the diet if its not there! lol

I had an egg and it wasn't as nice as i used to remember far too sweet..lol xx


I will get to goal .....
Ooohh! As of yesterday morning I am 9st 7.5 lbs ... only 2.5 behind ya!! My goal is 8st 7lbs (although ticker reflects 8 stone 3lbs in case I decide to go a bit further ;)).

Good on you getting the chocolate removed too. And no doubt you'll get those 4 lbs off quicker than me if it's 4lbs from eating :D

C'mon now .... go find your willpower!!! :missing:
G: 9st3lb
Ive not risked the scales! Your both well ahead of me!!
Haha i am going to have to sort myself out...especially as my mummy went on a shopping spree yesterday when i was so ill and got my loads of clothes- all mini size and i sooooo want to wear them!!
Right i have got 34 days after today before my nine stone goal....so IVE GOT TO DO THIS!!!
Guna start my day by day counter again, call it day one and get my head round this again- dont worry im not going to cheat again today but had 5 oatcakes and butter today as well as shakes so that will throw me out!

Dobbie thats blimming brilliant- your racing ahead!! DEFO going to sort myself out!!!!!!


No i will...im cool...im breezy hmmmmmm lol xxxx

Ps am i the only saddo that wants to see step up 2?!
the same feeling

i no exactly what your feeling. I'm not in ketosis either and i just keep eating. Once you start eating it's so hard to stop.


I will get to goal .....
Woo hoo!! Daisy found her mojo!! :D

Nevermind the oatcakes for today, the important thing is that TODAY is day 1 and only shakes for the rest of the day Mrs ;):D. You'll catch up to me in no time hun, if you stick with it for the rest of the week I bet your gain is lost and then some :p

What flavour you having for your dinner?? I'm having mint choc (hot) and a peanut bar..... mmmmm

G: 9st3lb
Im going to have a chocolate mint also and a chocolate....ive also only had half a bar and the oatcakes today, u think i shud leave the other half as i cheated!
Hell yeah...those clothes were lush!!! I wish i could show you them and you'd understand...the lightbulb literally went back on! Awesome haha!
Thanks Dobbie
hiya 13, i really hope you can get back on track. You are doing brill there is no point in messing around with the diet ok. u are either on it or your not? sorry to sound so harsh. u will be able to eat in a couple of weeks but for now nothing passes your lips but cd packs and water ok ok??? and yes im mean :O
G: 9st3lb
Haha no no mean is the way forward....i think i cheated then got ill and am using not feeling so great as a pretty lame excuse.
But your right your either on cambrige or your not. I cant expect results unless i stick to it 100%...if i do im guaranteed results, its a pretty simple concept really isnt it!
Just needed a kick!!
And thankfully ive got you guys who give me it without annoying me....because its easy for ppl to say "just get back on it" when they are eating, but you guys know its blimming hard and are suffering! So you can haha!!

Im sorted....i WILL get to my target :) xxxxxxxx


I will get to goal .....
Morning Daisy,

How you doing hun???!!!

G: 9st3lb
Morning my dear!

Yes feeling fan-bloody-tastic actually....
Now i weighed myself...there was no point putting it off anymore and considering that i have been ill and off the diet for 4 half days....id put on 6 pounds...im 10.4 but it could have been worse and ive now set my goal as to get back to my 9.12 that i was sat morning before april 1st....then spend the 23 days losing my other 15 pounds...which is about half a pound a day....i know its quite optimistic but aim high and all that palava!!

Feeling a lot better too....still headachy but not too bad!
How are you doing today....you at work?
Ps im sending you a link in PM of a dress im planning on buying online- let me know what you think!lol

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