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Cant get into sw very easy

I have tried it today and as long as i am doing it right I don't feel hungry...I have had...

Bran flakes, Milk HEx A & B
Omlette for dinner (3 eggs because i am greedy!)
Spaghetti Bol for tea(my own sauce and lean steak mince)
Glass of wine.
I think that's it, but so far so good.
What you had? xx
so far today I've had Smoked haddock for breakfast, ryvita minis for a snack with apple, uncle bens risotto (chicken and mushroom 4 syns) 1 plum and 3 satsumas for snacks, 2 diet cherry cokes to drink to fill me up and a jacket potato with beans cooking as I type with curley wurley for a treat later.
Im only on my 3rd day and Im loving SW so far. Are you maybe focussing too much on the 'snacks' element though. If youre doing EE theres so much you can have and really no need to be hungry :) What exactly are you eating and what are you struggling with??

Im missing my snacks (ie junk food) but Ive had a macaroni cheese pot this afternoon and some fruit.
Hi Starlight
I am eating cereals for bfast then at lunch time have a sandwich of meat or banana
i am missing the little snacks like you used to have with ww for example ww bars and mc vities mini cheddas and low fat crisps
Have you still got ww in your mind counting points it will take time to adjust
Also i used to like ww deserets but on sw they are high syns
Good luck
I think it is just getting used to to the new way of eating like when going shopping i used to look for ww foods but noe just walk buy
What do you have for your bfast .
Are you having any syns are you on the extra easy plan
Good luck


Lover of Extra Easy
There is so much that you can eat that you really should not feel deprived of anything at all.
You can really fill up of all the free foods and save your sins for treats.
There are also plenty of syn free desserts that are available on SW website, in their books and here (I think)
Since I started EE, I have eaten more than I normally have.
I never eat breakfast but this is what I have eaten so far today:
2 Muller lights
Punnet of cherries
Tub of fresh pineapple chunks
Huge rice and bean salad

I am pretty full but will have a free chicken stir fry with noodles for dinner this evening.

I have also had a couple of tots of brandy with diet coke (5 syns) and still have syns to play with.

I keep a pasta and rice salad in the fridge and plenty of Muller Lights just in case I do feel hungry but honestly, I don't.

I can honestly say this is the easiest easting plan (you can hardly call it a diet) I have ever tried, and believe me I have done many!

Once you get your head round it, and forget counting points, you will be fine!
Thanks yes i know there is alot of free foods to choose from but it is when you come to a treat where it has alot of syns lie 12 and you have had some syns already you are going to go over your syns
Just getting my head round it
With the extra eay plan do you have to count your bread as syns if you have had cereal for bfast bet bread will use syns up
Stick with it!!!

Hi gingernut,

If it helps I've been doing SW since January but it took me a while to 'get' it too.:)
Now I try to fill up on large salads, eggs (part. scrambled, yum) and I do like Alpen light bars as part of my healthy B choices. I realised that when I ate my A choices I felt fuller so that's what I try to do.
I'm still quite fixed on sweets, cakes, chocolates etc :( but am now trying to allow for them in syns. But I don't find it easy when I don't eat loads of fruit and veg. And my weight goes up and down a bit but last night I lost my first stone!!!:)
Stick with it, it will get easier, good luck!


Lover of Extra Easy
Thanks yes i know there is alot of free foods to choose from but it is when you come to a treat where it has alot of syns lie 12 and you have had some syns already you are going to go over your syns
Just getting my head round it
With the extra eay plan do you have to count your bread as syns if you have had cereal for bfast bet bread will use syns up
Yes, you will have to syn your bread if you used your Healthy Extra as a cereal, and yes, bread is quite heavy in syns.
I don't eat bread at all, as for me it's not worth it and I love to fill up on pasta, rice, potatoes or cous cous.
However, everyone is different, and you may "need" bread. I don't as long as I am not feeling hungry.
I am constantly looking for food ideas that fill me up and are preferably free so I can save my syns for my tipple or something extra special!


loves food and cooking
Today, on easy, I have eaten

B A huge bowl of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with 0% greek yogurt and sweetner. Tea using milk from my HA (lots of tea through the day)

Lunch was an *enormous* bowl of pasta with smoked salmon, prawns, peas, parsley and tinned tomatoes. A muller and a banana.

Dinner tonight will be egg 'fried' rice with a beef and spring onion sizzle, lots of soy/ginger/garlic etc etc

So far, you will notice *not one* syn ... but also that I haven't used my B choice - so I shall have a milky coffee this evening :D

which is why I am now drinking a mojito (4) and will share a bottle of wine with DH (12), taking me over my limit (16) oops :eek: However I have been positively angelic for the past few days, so I shall get over it this once :rolleyes:


Silver Member
Here's what I had today on EE, hope it helps you to see what another person is eating.

Breakfast - bran flakes (healthy extra) and soya milk (healthy extra) with banana
Morning snack - cereal bar (4.5 syns), some grapes and an apple
Lunch - 2 fried eggs (using fry lite), 4 pieces healthy living lean bacon, baked potato slices and mushrooms.
Afternoon snack - Mullerlight yoghurt
Dinner - lean chicken fillet, cabbage, asparagus and sweet potato
After dinner - Muller healthy crunch yoghurt (2.5 syns) and a whole punnet of strawberries

I'm really full (a rarity for me) but if I get hungry before I go to bed, I have a few more syns to spare.
i usually have light choice sultana bran but 28g is not enough wonder if i could have a bit more
You could try crunch bran you can have 42 g of that as a healthy B and it looks like a 'real' bowl of cereal.
That seems alot to eat in a day i would be bothered if ate that i would not lose weight
It looks a good menu and a variety of foods
So do you have 28g of cereal with a banana
See i dont have a snack mid morning when i start work early i have my cereal and thats it while lunch


Slow but sure....
Believe me when I started SW 3 weeks ago I was stunned at the amount of food I could eat - I didn't think I would lose weight either, but I thought "I'll give it a go" - thank goodness I did, I have lost 10lbs in three weeks, I am a converted SW fan now, try it you will not be disappointed, and you really are allowed to eat all that food, good luck to you.
It's difficult sometimes, when you switch from WW, to get out of the way of thinking of one plan, and get your head into the zone of the new one.

SW syns are totally different to WW points. The idea with SW is that you fill up on the free foods. You shouldn't be hungry - the bulk of your diet should be superfree and free stuff, then, suppliment that with your Healthy Extra A and B choices for calcium and fibre, which are not only good for you, but aid weight loss too.
Syns are higher because you should be full throughout the day from your free foods...so need less 'treats'. When you get into it, 15 a day is quite a lot!
Unfortunately, this isn't a diet where we can live off our syns/treats - that's what all got us to this place initially!!! ;)

It will take a bit of time to get your head round it, but honestly, like others have said, this is such an easy way of eating that you can work around your life...there's no need to feel hungry. You will be eating healthily and will soon feel the benefits.

There's no need to feel deprived. Don't force yourself to go from a little bowl of cereal at brekkie right through til lunch without anything. You could be snacking on fruit! :)

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