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cant get ketosis - no loss


Queen of the Damned
First thing that comes to mind is what are you eating? Are you sticking to proper induction foods, or have there been any inadvertent carbs? I remember the first time I did Atkins, I was caught short and had a whole heap of cashew nuts thinking it would be ok. Unfortunately not. List your menus and people should be able to help.
I scoffed a bag full of chicken wings coated in icing I think (judging by how long I was out of ketosis) If you are eating right, it will happen, there will be some little ingredient in there stopping you!
I'm sure I've read that some people never show pink but are still in Ketosis!

Are you sure you not just sneaking in something small, I've just entered my third week and feel great. The first week I stayed the same and was devastated after reading about everyone's great losses, when I looked back I had sneaked in a few small beers on the Sunday and I was having my morning tea 2 cups with milk apart from that I was a saint. I've cut all that out now and am in full throws of induction and feel great. If you arn't making any errors than I bet you get a huge loss next week - good luck.

Make sure you cut your ketos sticks in half to get double the amount in each bottle!
all the above love, well maybe not the stick thingies, I never used them.


Tequila makes miaow happy
Thanks everyone

yesterday was fairly typical, i had

2 babybel
1 cup of watercress/spinach/rocket
spoonful of full fat mayo
1 small sausage (0.5g carb)
1 baked egg
1 slice bacon
1 slices chicken breast
1 large sole fillet with melted cheese
1 cup mixed greens as above
3 spoons of cream (for coffee)

i did slip up in work and drank a cup of tea with a dash of milk in that soemone had made for me by accident. The above menu is farly typical, havent really tried anything else.
Ah, now, I wonder if it's the cheese, I know cheese is allowed but I have heard it stalls people, it does me and that's for sure. I'd try cutting the cheese for a bit and see if that makes a difference.
I drink tea with milk all the time and Im never out of ketosis, I must admit Ive not really done an induction, Ive kind of made mine up as I go along but have followed the basic rules, the main reason I didnt do the induction was because I had lost 20 pounds in the 2 weeks prior to going onto the Atkins diet with LL and was in ketosis, I know I could lose more weight if I was slightly stricter but to be honest I think the most important thing is to find a way to eat that you feel comfortable with and accept that losing 2-3 pounds per week is fantastic when you feel good doing it, from your diet you posted I can't see anything wrong with what you are eating, so I guess it is just a matter of time until it starts to work for you, also I am interested to know how you feel apart from the fact of putting on the 4 pounds and if you weighed yourself at the same time in the day both times.


Tequila makes miaow happy
Hi hellraiser (great name)

i feel fine, dont really feel any fatter, but both weigh ins were first think before i had a drink or breakfast. I have done atkins and cambridge before and have dropped a few pounds quickly on getting ketosis, but my body doesnt want to do it this time. I have energy, and can concentrate etc, it is just so frustrating when it is not working!!
Thanks for your help all of you I guess i should just keep going - at least it is topping me binging on toast

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