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cant get my head around Extra easy days

hi all

I dont go to a club, doing it myself and doing ok, have been on slimming world before so no how to do red and green days,

But dont understand extra easy days,
I get how you can have free foods from red and green days, And one HeB and one HeA + very low syns,

But how do you no which foods to have as HeB and HeA?

Because on a red day pasta can be a HeB but thats free on a green day, and the same on red with having meat on a green day, so if you can have any foods free on both red and green which are HeB and HeA.

hope you can understand what i mean haha

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soon to be skinny minnie
You dont' need to use meat or carbs for healthy extras on extra easy anymore, basically you are using your a and b choice for either milk /cheese (a) and b is like cereal or bread. Everything else that is free on either day is free on ee.
Betty is quite right - but you can also use cheese as a healthy extra B choice as this is allowed on a green day. So you can used milk as an A but have cheese as a B.
I miss the other HE's too much though on an EE day so stick mainly to red/green unless I want shepherds pie or spag bol!!!
When i did red/green i always used to use hexb's as either meat or carb!
so now i just have cheese and a cereal bar (but i've only done 2 ee days as i don't eat alot of meat)
For a and b choices you just choose foods that aren't free on a green or red day...ie. cereal, cheese, soups etc.
All other a and b choices like pasta, potatoes etc are free on an EE day so no need to have those foods as an a or b now.
As for syns, you just count the lowest syn value now, so for instance, something that may be 5 syns on a green day and 10 syns on a red day, you would count 5 syns.
You still can have your full daily syn allowence.
Hope that helps.

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