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Can't Go to the toilet....Help!!

Ohhh I'm in a bad bad way today, had the urge today to
Go to the toilet earlier, things moved but not fully and I'm in a bad way that I can't sit down, only lie on my side.
I have drank 2.5L of water so far + 2 shakes, glass
of hot water and a small black coffee, but still not working!!

I live in Spain, don't have any of the husks capsules here, plus
no chemist is open here cos it's Sunday... I'm in so much pain, not tummy pain, but anal pain, after going so far, but not moving, if you know what I mean.

Any suggestions??? I've been looking at remedies on the Internet, but they all suggest fibres or
medication.... Oh I need some relief fast!
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Oh poor you! Sorry I've no clue apart from painkillers for the time being. Maybe knees to your tummy will help move things, remember this advice for constipated babies a long time ago.
Hi hon
Do you have any coconut oil or can you get any? If so make it into a small oblong shape in plastic wrap (like a bullet) and freeze it (coconut oil should freeze) and then insert into yourself when it has formed into a solid enough consistency. Try and hold it in for as long as you can (at least 30 minutes). This will soften the stool making it easier to pass.

If no access to coconut oil olive oil will freeze (solidfy) also (but how long it takes depends on the quality and quantity of the oil) so that would do aswell.

Remember to take the plastic wrap off before inserting first! And insert it up as far as you can and then lie down on your left side for while as this helps keep it in and soak the stool (the rectum naturally angles slightly downwards your left side).


If all else fails and you have a syringe you can use that to "inject" the liquid oil into yourself.
Good luck!
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if you have some glycerine soap it can do the same to move you. have done this before. also have manually remove compact with a baby wipe of my hand, or finger. it's not nice but when you're desperate and have nothing that works in the house sometimes it's the only way. try a hot bath too. plus some tea or coffee to drink.
Yup glycerin is great! And manual evacuations are sometimes the only way to get it sorted.
I know how bad it can be :( I forgot to take my movicol this week and had run out of glycerin suppositories ( essential to have in my medicine cabinet when in CD , boots sell them ) so had to use a syringe with veg oil and warm water last night , kept it in as long as possible , and oh my the relief when it worked was immense !!
Everyone should have a 5ml syringe and some latex gloves in their house!
A BIG THANKYOU to everybody!!
Finallyyyy nature took its course, what a relief!!!!! Have to stock up on products when I'm home over the Xmas!
What works best & you can get in a local chemist or Boots without prescription?
Thanks everybody!!

Everyone reacts differently to different products so the best thing is to look at what's available and try a few things out (allowing ample time for them to work before you decide they don't). The sticky I added lists all the current options available and how they work. In the meantime get on some fibre and start walking.

Take care
It's good that you're feeling better but just thought I should share a natural remedy which is called Ajwain (Carom Seeds/Bishops weed). It's a miracle worker for trapped wind and constipation. A tsp in the morning and night will move those bowels perfectly. It's a natural herb so won't effect your diet either. :)


Slowly but surely x
oh god, i know exactly how you feel. i had my second dose of horrible numbers two last night. I was in so much pain and I felt I was passing rocks - so hard and painful. fortch I persevered (after 45 mins on the loo and subsequently missing corrie) and it all came tumbling out - i feel like a new woman now!

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