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Cant go without it...


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Hi My Loves

As some of u are aware i had OH's 21st bday this weekend and went out for a meal, the run up to it did weight watchers, and really think i expanded millions, iv got my 21st this weekend coming, so obviously going for a meal etc...

I just cant do it though, i cant b on Weigh Watchers all week, i feel like im puttin weight on hand ovre fist,

So im back on lipo this week!!!

i know its a silly way to do it but i cant go without it haha

so lipo this week, off for the meal (feel sick all night) then back on it for 2 weeks til Barcelona, then back on it for 5 more weeeks to finish....

Also TOTM hasnt been STILL for those of u waitin to find out lol (8 days late) but 4 tests have been negative... so im up the bloody wall and feel super fat an my tummy is rock hard, duno what the hells goin on!! which obv isnt helpin the fat fellins!!
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Heya stranger!

good weekend? No idea about WW and how it is after LT so advice is to refeed (not WW) if you're gonna be eating. If not back on LT. Refeed is better than WW if you've been doing this diet from what I heard.


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Ello sweetcheeks!! sorry not been around much, had OH's 21st to plan, which has stressed me out somethin roten!!

yeah i think i cocked up in that sense.. scared to get on the scales, so not going to until Saturday when iv done 5 days on lipo to loose the water weight haha

howa u hunni?



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Hi hun. I am not sure what is the best plan for the week. But I don't think going on and off LT in close sucession is great for your body???? But hey I am no expert. Nothing worse when you feeling bloated and stodgey.

But hey how was oh 21st???? Good night????


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Hi Hunni, yeah i know im doin it all wrong lol, i will be doin it continuously again in 3 weeks though, so just guna stick it out on and off until then and hope for the best, not guna b runnin so wont be over exertin my self either...

OH's night out was amazin!! has such a lovely time, got loads photos and i love them all, not a double chin in sight!!!

will put a few on later, was fab thanks!



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Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you aint been around the weekend :( lol

I think this sounds ok aslong as you are guna stick to it and just eat sensibly at your meal .. avoid the carbs and ya may avoid the sick feeling - or maybe that is to do with summat else?!?!!!!!!

Dammit get and go to the quacks burd find out for defo!!!!!!!!!! :D


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Lol Ello puddin!

yer has big birthday celebrations this weekend so been AWOL sorry!!!

am up the bloody wall, half way there on me diet an stuckm in a rut, but will get there promise!! cross my heart haha

back on lipo today, super positive, got my will power back me thinks!! fingers crossed anyways haha

Ye, bun most deffiantely cookin haha goin to the family plannin clinic later to tell them, cos sooo stressed out cos of it! hopefully they will be able to shed some light, may well be the shift from VLCD to atin but who knows!

Hiya Lauren - sorry you're feeling stressed out, but I'm sure we can all understand why. I'm not sure it's a good idea to mix plans - although WW is great, LT is completely different and to do with your glycogen stores and I think if you mix them you'll put on loads of fluid and think its fat. You're probably best to stick to a re-feed while you've got all this going on, or a mixture of LT and re-feed rather than introduce loads of different foods all at the same time. You are doing so fantastically brilliantly well, and I'm sure you'll be back on track again in no time at all. Have a wonderful birthday! Mine's at the w/e and I'm going to be out too, but will have to think very carefully about every mouthful! Good luck and try not to get too stressed out about everything!


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Thanks so muhc hunni, yeah crossing diets wasnt a good idea really was it haha

but anythin i might have put on will come off this week hopefully and so il just be back a fornight but thats fine!!

Mines on sunday (mothersday) whens yours??

hope u have a wonderful day!!!

Good luck hun, any other symptoms??? i.e metal taste in your mouth, tiredness, Bad back (lower)? The list is endless, but these are a few I notice straight away! I always know before my totm is due though because I crave Lager :D (reckon thats because I'm Irish though ha ha ha!)


Here we go again!
Good to see you back on here Lauren. Let us know how you get on at the clinic later, was only wondering about that yesterday! Glad OH had a great 21st. Have a fantastic time in Barcelona wont you, you deserve a treat as you've done so well up to now.


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Hi Ladies,

Erin, havnt felt myself for weeks now, really emotional too haha

Thanks for welcoming mne back, sucessfully half way through day 1 again and feel fab...

Went the clinic, did a test and it was negative, but she had no explination as to why i am 9 (thought it was 8) days late...

just guna have to wait and see if TOTM appears next month, not alot i can do until then!!

Dont think i am i have done 4 tests now which have all said no haha so duno whats goin on!!

good luck getting back on you may find you havent actually put much on if any


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah it may just be that fat feeling after food!!!


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Aw lauren! Nevermind honey - keep trying ;) hehe

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