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can't have the new packs ....

I was so excited about the new flavours, and have tried both of them. Not overly thrilled with the strawberry, but the banana is gorgeous.

But, I seem to be intolerent to them. First time I had one, I got very itchy ears and throat. I thought it might be hayfever, or because I had a cold, so I've tried each of them several times.

And the same thing happens every time. It's very uncomfortable so I'm not going to persevere.

But last night, LLC told me the old flavours are also being converted to the new formulation, so the same thing might happen. First to go is vanilla, and he said his next delivery is going to be the new 'improved' version. Bless him, he's keeping a box of the old ones back so I can stockpile.

But how bloody annoying. Am I the only person who's reacted like this to them? LLC said he'd heard nothing negative about them from any of his other clients.

Maybe I'm just a freak ... :sigh:
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Maybe I'm just a freak ... :sigh:


Seriously, what a bummer! I'm ok with the new packs. That must be a nightmare for you! How much more do you have to lose? Make sure your LLC keeps enough for you to complete the journey.

Good luck :hug99:


has lying hips
Maybe I'm just a freak ... :sigh:

Well you are a bit odd - but i don't know about the reaction thing... :p

Personally I find them a godsend. Yesterday I forgot to bring my shaker but just poured one into a 3/4 full 75cl bottle of water and shook it up - no lumps at all! PERFECT.

How completely **** if you are reacting though... :( At least you don't have much longer to go on them!


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I'm not allergic to the new packs but I do find the texture a bit odd compared to the originals.

I can't drink the shakes and so make them all into muffins. I exicitedly tried the banana when it first came out - it made up into a terrible pile of slime and no matter how little water I put in, it piled over the sides of the ramekin - I had to put a plate underneath and then scrape the mixture off the plate - it was like play dough!! :eek: (Had to eat it as I couldn't get any more packs until the next LL meeting). Strawberry wasn't much better.

As a consequence I haven't re-ordered either the banana or strawberry since - I do hope they don't start messing about with the others.

Have you considered contacting LL HQ and asking them about the ingredients? - if it is an allergic reaction you are unlikely to be the only sufferer and if the change is affecting others they may adapt the recipe accordingly.
I was just thinking the same thing a MAN. Oooh is he a young man?

Sorry to hear you are allergic to the packs, that is very unfortunate. As suggested you should contact LL HQ so they are aware and find out as Sonkie said what other ingrediants they have added.
hahaha, yes, my LLC is male! But, not a young one. Might enjoy the meetings more if there were some eye candy to gawp at :)

The new flavourings have thickeners in them (which I guess is why they can go a bit gloopy if over-whizzed), which the others don't have. It might be that.

Am going to let Head Office know that I've had a reaction. Surely I can't be the only one!
VG, It would be nice to have some eye candy would't it!

Let us know what they say and whether or not they do change the forumla on the other packs.

Good luck xx


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But, I seem to be intolerent to them. First time I had one, I got very itchy ears and throat. I thought it might be hayfever, or because I had a cold, so I've tried each of them several times.

Did you get any word back about this Virgo Girl:confused:

I have put this thread on a sticky in case anyone else might experience similar reaction.

Love Mini xxx


just restarted packs today to rebalance my food intake!
I was very excited about the new flavours - I started with a banana milkshake - loved it but must say I had an itchy throat! It was not enough to stop me from having it again but was there!
I am seriously allergic to all nuts and wondered if they were adding kernel flour as the thickener?
this would start a mild reaction in me!
Do you have any allergies virgo girl?

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