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Can't I Tell I'm Back On CD...


Fab & Fit For Florida
Well it's 4:30 in the morning and I am wide awake... I am sooo shocked it ain't about 7am cos I feel like my sleep last night lasted about a week!!!

I'm wide awake and I have a banging headache... It's day 3 so I am guessing the headache is me slipping into ketosis and I'm cold too (suppose it doesn't help when I am sitting here in knickers and a hoodie lol...

Well if anyone else is up I would love a chat about how you're getting on...

When I logged in it said "22 viewing" and I nearly fell off my seat... but judging by how recent the posts are I am guessing no-one is here...

OK, I'll shut up cos I am rambling now x
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Fab & Fit For Florida
oh yay!!! someone who is awake!!! i'm sitting with my glasses on hoping it will ease my head but should probably get some paracetamol...

i knew i would probably go into ketosis today (day3) cos when i initially started cd i was in on day 2... but didn't know if this time round it would take longer since last week up to tuesday of this week i was on a serious carb high lol

how are you today kitty and why you up so early???
I took ibuprofen for my head....I know you're not supposed to because of the coating, but I'm a bit of a wimp and can't deal with pain :)

I've got a sad day today as it's my Nana's funeral and really can't sleep at all. She was very poorly tho so I have to keep believing this was a blessing and stay strong for my mum later today :)

DH on the other hand is snoring away :D

Other than that I'm good :) looking forward to the bank holiday weekend and the extra day off work on Monday :)

Hope you're feeling better soon, just keep drinking the water and it'll soon be day 4 :)


Fab & Fit For Florida
will send my love for today Kitty... hope it goes ok for you... i know exactly what it feels like and my thoughts are with you...

i'm exactly the same and would take ibruprofen (hadn't even thought about the coating, but can't be that damaging)

i'm spending the day with my mum today cos it's her birthday 2moro and i am away at the football (bad daughter lol)

said i would head round hers at about 8am and to be honest i'm quite excited, which might also have something to do with me being awake...

my thoughts are with you today chick xxx
Thanks hun, I appreciate that very much :)

Oooh, just spotted the bit under your profile name.. are you a Sunderland supporter?
Despite now living in Wales, my DH is a season ticket holder for the black cats, and goes home for as many home games as he can get to :)

What are you going for your mum's birthday? Hope you have a lovely day


Fab & Fit For Florida
massive Sunderland fan lol... down at Tottenham this weekend and I can't wait...

me and mum are going shopping in either South Shields (where she lives) or Sunderland... i've said because I can't drive yet, she can chose cos she will be the one driving...

do you know where abouts your hubby sits at the match? me and OH sit in the north stand x
massive Sunderland fan lol... down at Tottenham this weekend and I can't wait...

me and mum are going shopping in either South Shields (where she lives) or Sunderland... i've said because I can't drive yet, she can chose cos she will be the one driving...

do you know where abouts your hubby sits at the match? me and OH sit in the north stand x
I'm not sure I know he's in one of the corners and it's on the same side that the cameras are on....will ask him when he gets up and post back to let you know :)
He's from Jarrow originally so I know South Shields. I love the coast line along there, it's such a lovely part of the world.

I've only ever been to one games, was the year before last and it was Newcastle at home in the April. We had some Newcastle supporters who'd hidden themselves in the Sunderland stands and Sunderland went 1-0 up, then when they equalised, they couldn't contain themselves and OMG they had to be removed as they completely got mobbed! :eek:

I come from a small town and hadn't been to a football match before - I was in shock :D



Fab & Fit For Florida
yeah it's hellish... i love going to away matches but i have sworn to OH that i am not going to newcastle away this year...

last season we went and we got the supporters coach from stadium of light to newcastle... but decided to have a couple of cans of lager before we got on the bus... big mistake...

bus drove at 30mph all the way there so by the time i got to newcastle i was busting for the loo... the one time in my life i thought i was going to wet myself!

anyway as we were queuing up to get in the ground, the newcastle fans were kept behind a barrier and police, there was loads... and suddenly i felt this almighty smack on my face... someone had thrown a stone or something... well that was it and the tears came... one little lad was going mental that it had been thrown at me, he was about 11 and had a 23 year old crying next to him, so i just squeezed myself right into the queue and pushed my way to get into ground...

i don't think anyone minded me pushing in cos i was upset... but i cried all the way up the stairs and OH saw me when we got to the bar and he made sure i was ok...

i don't like confrontation like that at the football so ofcourse when something smacked off my face i was petrified... not going this year...

will go to sunderland v newcastle at home tho... feel safer at our ground lol
OMG that sounds awful. :(

It's such a shame that it's put you off, but completely understand while you felt like that.
There are some awful people around....I would never dream of doing something like that, so what makes other people think it's ok.

re the bus journey, I was going to say PMSL - but then thought it was inappropriate :D I always think once you've been to the loo once, that's it game over...cos you need to keep going, so can imagine the journey was hellish!
What a day!

Did you come down to the Cardiff game last year?


Fab & Fit For Florida
no chick, didn't get down unfortunately... try to go to as many away matches as possible... but funds don't always permit lol

i got my ticket for wigan away this week and thought it was 6th sept but OH informed me thats international week so it's 13th sept and i'm stressed cos i think i am working!!!

nevermind, hopefully i will sort something out with regards to work... gonna get myself a bath shortly cos i am REALLY cold lol
Sounds like you're def in ketosis :)

Have a lovely day with your Mum and thanks again for your good wishes further up the thread :)

Will post back later and let you know where DH sits


Fab & Fit For Florida
ok chick... speak later

take care x


Gold Member
good morning. mind you, you're probably on your way to your mum's by now...

i am freezing cold all the time at the moment which is confusing since i'm coming out of ketosis onto 810... but my hands and feet are freezing all the time. OH keeps wrapping things around them when he comes across them on the sofa, ha. last night i had huge fluffy furlined boot slippers on, and i was under a sleeping bag on the sofa and when i went to bed and took the slippers off my feet were like ice!! i'm not even sure how that's possible!! ha.

abz xx


Fab & Fit For Florida
got back from spurs bout midnight last night and i am knackered... plus i had a hotdog at the football :( naughty girl... but i weighed myself and no damage done so i am happy...

just sitting with OH recovering as was up at 4:30 on friday cos couldn't sleep and up at 5am yesterday for going to spurs...

anyway FABULOUS game so totally on a high... hope everyone's having a fab bank holiday weekend xx

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