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Can't Post On Tuesday Weigh-Ins

S: 14st13.5lb C: 14st11lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st2.5lb(1.19%)
My Kaspersky Anti-Virus software detected a trojan virus in the thread somewhere so I can't open the thread to post, but I am gutted. After a week I knew had been awful, I have put on 3.5lbs and feel horrid. Came back determined to have a good week and FIL came round with chocolate eclairs and buttons for DD which I have eaten most of - so far in six weeks I have lost a grand total of 2.5 pounds having put on today the majority of what I have lost so far. Really fed and wondering whether to bother to continue or whether to sign up to WW online.
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Hmm. By your own admission, you had an awful eating week. Then when determined to do well, your FIL popped round and brought more stuff, when you were already feeling rubbish about it in the first place, and because you were feeling rubbish, you further cemented the feeling rubbish by eating more rubbish, and thus put yourself in the position of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Eat rubbish, gain weight, feel bad, eat rubbish to feel better, gain more weight.

It is no real surprise then that you have struggled to lose. You need to get your head focussed. You need to be able to say "No thankyou", or syn the treats and stay within the limits. It doesnt matter WHICH plan you follow, if your head isnt there, then you will just continue to sabotage yourself.

Why do you want to lose weight? Do you have a goal in mind? Or a more generalised "improve my health and wellbeing" plan? Think about that, if you dont have a specific goal, set one, it can really help to have small achievable targets in your mind to work towards, then when you walk into temptation you can think to yourself "will I reach my target if I have this?" and "Can I have some of this and stay within my daily syn allowance?" If the answer is "yes" then you know its ok to indulge and it wont do any harm.

I really think that you have lost control of this situation, and the best way to regain it is to draw a line under the past six weeks, start afresh in the morning, clean slate. Read your books again, remind yourself why you want to lose weight, remind yourself that you are the one in control and you have the choices to make, and that you are ultimately responsible for your weight gains and losses and gain some focus.

You CAN do this. You just have to want to. :)

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