Can't say Im not worried

:confused: I know this diet is working I have lost a stone in my first week , which I am really pleased about. But in all honestly I cant say that I am not worried about some of the side effects I have heard about etc.

For example the fact that you are losing lean muscle , this going from around your organs then causes major problems in your body....

Losing hair, apparently some people I have read about are losing bucket loads of hari and my hair is thin as it is I would be devastated if it fell out.....

Do I really want to let myself in for these things?
I know that I would be healthier after losing the weight but I cant say this is not in my mind and worrying me stupid

Can anyone help reassure me?
hi there... i'm not a cdc so not even gonna try to reassure you properly BUT... there are loads of threads on here about the side effects of VLCD's and i'm sure there will be a CDC along soon to reassure you... Is is Cambridge of Lighter Life you are doing??


gen xx
hey hun! well done on starting the journey and all the best for your success!

If you have any probs you should speak to youy counsellor after all thats what theyre there for hun! And of course, you will find endless virtual hugs and advice at minimins....dont worry before you know the answers as that may unnecessarily throw you off track....


Remember that the VLCD is THE most researched diet in the world and the COMA report in 1987 said that diet was SAFE!

The lean muscle loss on a VLCD is actually proven to be less than on other diets and in the TV programme last year that bought Cambridge out as the best the reason it won over the other diet was the fat loss was higher than the other diet.

As far as hair loss is concerned then yes it does happen and is purely because your body doesn't shed hair when in a low calorie state and will shed when the calories increase (sometimes in AAM and maintenance) but is only temporary and rarely to the point anyone would notice.

This diet is so radical that it's natural to have concerns. I researched thouroughly before I began and found an independant Eurpean report on the effectiveness and safety of VLCDs ... if you want a copy to have a look at then shout and I'll send you the link. I found it very reassuring.

There's a link to my progress photos below. I had a lot of weight to lose and was sole sourcing for seven months straight (I'm now doing the 1000 plan to lose my last 4 stone). Look at my 'heaviest' pic and my most recent - in which one do I look healthiest?

Since losing the bulk of my excess weight, I no longer need my diabetic medication, my cholesterol has dropped to normal and my blood pressure is fine too. I was a walking time bomb - now I feel I've given myself a fighting chance of enjoying a decent life-span.

As Oli said though, chat to your CDC about your concerns - they know more about the practical health implications of a VLCD than anyone else is likely to. :)
Hi ChubbyButt

You lose lean mass as well as fat on any weight loss diet (as you gain weight, you gain both fat and muscle - your body needs the extra muscle to shift the extra weight around, and when you lose the extra fat, you don't need the extra muscle). The theory of a low carb diet is that, in ketosis, because fat is your main source of fuel, you lose less muscle than on any other diet. Studies suggest that on a VLCD only 25% of your losses are muscle as opposed to higher percentage on other diets. This is a natural part of weight loss. Where did you hear it presented as a scare story?
As for hair loss, it's actually fairly rare, but it's not specifically a side effect of a VLCD - it's a potential side effect of any major physiological change e.g. fast weight loss, fast weight gain, pregnancy, illness, stress. It's only temporary.

Both the things that you are worried about are not specific to VLCDs - they could potentially affect anyone on any weight loss diet. However, as Debbie has pointed out, the benefits to losing weight far outweigh (pardon the pun) the risk of hair loss - and you can do resistance exercise while losing weight to maintain as much muscle as possible.
Hi hun,

Dont worry,
I am training to be a Doctor at the minute and if this diet was dangerous I wouldn't be doing it!
Yes you do lose lean muscle mass-However this is only cos u r losing fat too.
When you put on weight its approx 2/3fat to 1/3 muscle mass (which develops to help you carry the extra fat)
All you are losing is the extra muscle tissue that is no longer needed to support the extra fat (cause its gone!)
I hope this makes sense chick I have tried to explain it without any jargon!