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Can't shop for clothes!


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Went to buy some clothes today ... just needed some cheap shorts as mine are all too big (!)

Saw a few pairs that I liked but guess what ?!?!? They had NO shorts in my size. This is a bit silly! I couldn't shop before as they didn't have anything in my size (not big enough) and now they don't have anything in my size (not small enough!)

That is great ... but also infuriating!

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Mostly medium ... sometimes SMALL !!!!

I never ever thought that would happen. It's kind of weird.

I am weighing in tonight and am going to stop the main programme and move onto management. I haven't quite got to my original weight goal but I can't go any smaller in size. I am finding it difficult to stick with it and I would rather eat through management than be naughty and eat the wrong stuff.

That sounds sensible! I think they sometimes give men a target that is way too low!!! You must be looking forward to eating again?!?! lol


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Oh yes !!!!!!!

The problem is that the missus still has a little way further to go on her LL journey and I'm concerned about bringing food into the house!!
Well some people love to look at food and smell food on the diet (i did!), if she can't handle it maybe you can eat outside or when she's not in?!?!?


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I think she'll be alright ... mostly!!

Right, off to weigh in and get my management books!!! Then go food shopping!
What a wonderfully inspiring post! Have fun trying to find your SMALL or MEDIUM shorts :). Oh and I hope you are okay re-introducing food into your plan!

How much have you lost, if you don't mind me asking? I couldn't work it out from your graph (bit dim at times :crazy: me!)


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Have lost about 25kg which is about 3 st 12 lbs.

I've got some medium shorts that I bought yesterday but they came down (a little ... don't worry!) when I got out of the pool so was not comfortable wearing them. That's why I needed the small. Oh well, the search continues.

Lost 4lbs when I weighed in tonight. Got Route to Management books and am very excited about the next week with food!!!
WHAT?!?!? No chips on the first week of management !!! ;)

So come on then, enlighten us, what CAN you have to stop your shorts falling down even more? :rolleyes:


PS - Well done on the weight loss
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Wk 1 - Protein (Chicken, egg white, fish, turkey), some salad leaves (after day 3) and limited condiments.

Just planning my week now from the recipe book.
Awwww i remember when i first got to goal and planning my first week - i was so scared to let that first bit of chicken pass my lips!!!! lol.

Enjoy but don't go mad (most people to go mad so learn from others mistakes!!).
Just had my first meal. Steamed chicken with tarragon and lemon juice.

Is it wrong that I was longing for chicken soup or a banana shake whilst I was eating it?
I know but I think I have used to the packs being my savious! I must admit the meal was a little on the bland side. It just wasn't as exciting as I was expecting it to be!

Tomorrow's meal ... Salad Nicoise
I know where you're coming from though as my first few meals were awful. Really wasn't impressed. HOWEVER before long i was eating far to much of it and bingeing for wales!!

Be careful Stu!!!

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