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getting slimmer
maybe its just your body adjusting?
did you used to go to bed on a really full stomach?? (i did! it was always full!!)
if so, that makes you fell sleepy, and would of helped you fall straight to sleep,
now however your not so full, your body has got to adjust to getting to sleep n its own, rarther than from all prots and carbs in you making you sleepy.

just an idea?? x


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Yeah i struggle too hun, it's fine while i have no flights but recently having been getting to bed til 4am and am dreading having to get up early for a flight tomorrow as my body has got into this pattern.
Not sure what it is tho.x
Looks like i'm not the only one, thought it was just me.


This is the last time!!
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I too suffer this. The first week on CD I could have slept on a washing line, I was so tired, was in bed by 9pm at the latest, and woke up at 7am refreshed. Since then, I have been really tired mid afternoon when it's not possible to nap, and then wide awake by the evening.
Mind, doesn't help that here in Germany we are an hour ahead of you so I have to wait an hour longer to watch stuff on the TV. No way can I miss The Sunday Night Project, so my exhaustion today is purely my fault ;)


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I dont have trouble sleeping but OMG i have food dreams that ive eaten tonnes and i wake up all paniky lol does anyone else???
On the occasions I have dreams they're really realistic and I always wake up and panic that it actually happened :eek:

Though it's lowest calorie way of stuffing your face ;)


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I haven't been having any problems sleeping ( i can sleep anywhere) but I have been having some very vivid dreams tho'!
Also some days I could just put my head on my desk at work & fall asleep mid afternoon!! :confused:
I have been waking very refreshed tho'.



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I had problems sleeping and my CDC suggested that I stop taking the shakes and just have soups instead. I didn't like the shakes anyway and found them too sweet for me. I have stuck with the soups and no probs since.
Ask your CDC and see what they suggest.
I hope it sorts itself out


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For my first week on SS (a few times as few re-starts) I have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, and also very vivid dreams. It wears off after about a week and I sleep fine. I checked with my CDC who said it was fairly normal as your body is confused by your changing diet and all of the nutirents you are getting. Give it a few days and you will be fine.
I do feel abit better when it comes to sleeping now, probably because i go to bed later.
Think its part of ketosis I used to take longer to get to sleep and wake up feeling more alert than normal


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I struggled with sleep in the first few weeks, it does sort it's self out though x
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I also have trouble dropping off to sleep, so now go to bed later (normally I'm on here, lol). Also because of the water, I guess, I have to get up twice for a big weeeeeeee. Luckily I get up later and that makes my first shake about 11.30am, yay!

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