Cant stay on track!


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Hey guys I am desperate for help!! I cant seem to stick to the programme for more than 2 weeks at a time, then I put all my weight back on! What can I do to help me? Im stuck in a rut!!! xoxox
All I can say really is keep at it, try find out what your trigger is to start eating and confront it.

Keep focused, I think now mentally you need to get over the 2 weeks as then you know you can do it.
The first 2 weeks can be the hardest. Keep at it, and try to get past those first 14 days, after that it is all downhill and you will be flying!

You have proved you can do it, just extend it a couple more days!

Keep at it. x x x
I'm just the same, can do 2,3,4,5 days but get to the end of a week and give up. Pathetic really how much do you want it. Get either Paul Mc Kennas book or Dr Phils weight loss solution cus you need to reprogramme your thinking as well as following the programme. For the first week on Lipotrim ever I spent hours playing Scrabble Blast every really helped distract me. xBettyboo
Try starting a diary thread as well ............ and write your goals, statistics, feelings - everything down in that. Even if no-one else reads it or writes in it (and we will 'cos we're too nosey not to!) it's for you.

May giving yourself more incentive work in motivating you??? Ie book a holiday or weekend away?? Facial or predicure/manicure???
There are these things which I did and its working out.

Because I'd been overweight from my childhood, I used to always feel very embarassed when people talk about it and try to hide when they talk about weight and diet etc.

When I decided I'm going to do this diet, I started telling people how much I weigh now and what weight I would be when I finish my diet. It helped me to commit thinking that people would think I do not have will power. I told my friends about me doing this diet and whenever I talk to them they ask about it and I feel proud to say that I'm still on it. I am also writing a blog which is another comitment. I have stuck a paper which says I want to lose around 5Stones at my house.

I have also told my DH not to allow me to break this diet. So when I get tempted and going to fall off the waggon I ask my husband whether I can break my diet. Ususally its human tendency to seek for some support when you want to do something which you really don't want to do. So when my DH says NO to breaking diet, because I don't get the support I just stick to it.

All these things worked very well for me. Once you get out of that 14 days barrier things are going to be very easy...So All the best. When a person like me can do it, you can definitely continue the diet because I've never stuck on any diet earlier.