Cant Stick to it guys =(


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First of all i want to thank everyone who helped me out with the diet , don't think i didn't put effort in because i have , i really have tried to stick to it , but im afraid i cant , my girlfriend of 6 years broke my heart today , and im afraid i will be drinking and i will be eating.

Once again , thanks for all the help , and thanks for all the support i got , ive been to a site similar to this before and advice i got was useless , but this site is amazing.

Once ive got my head together im going to try a less straining diet , but i know deep down i will have my goal weight , its just a matter of getting off my ass and doing something about it , which i will in time. I will be back in a week or so maybe less to discuss other diets i can do with you fellow members.
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You were doing really well Tony. As Laura says, when you start to feel a bit better please come back and try again.

I know how you feel and it is horrible. Bless you.


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Bless you please don't abandon Atkins altogether. Give yourself soem time to get over things and come back to us and we will help you through - it honestly is the best way to diet. Hope you feel better soon hun



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:( Im sorry to see you go Tony, But understand. I hope in time and when your ready we will see you again. Chin up :)


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Tony, I'm so sorry.

Hope you can work it through your system and come out fighting... :)



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Tony - so sorry. hugs x


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That's a shame Tony, and you were doing so well mate.


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Sorry to hear of your broken heart and I do understand..and i know you've prob hard this before but time does heal a broken heart and you will make it through this.. Hope to see you back and even if atkins isn't for you at the moment maybe it will be in the future and if not then good luck with whatever you choose.. Hope to see you back though ((HUGS))