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Can't stop eating

I'm so angry with myself...been off the diet for a few days as its been birthday was suppose to be back on it for 2 days (WI tomorrow) then away for the weekend.

But been 100% today up until about 6pm when I was making my husbands lunch box and scoffed loads of party food (which was left from the birthdays) I know I should of eaten it and knew at the time.

So tomorrow I will weigh in and have put on and it will be my own fault. I have never been like this on the diet, is it normal and how do you get back on track x x :cry:
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Hi Hun ((hugs)), I was thinking about you earlier and wondered how you were getting on.

I would say have your weigh in tomorrow, then you will know what or if any damage has been done, then go away for your weekend and enjoy it before jumping back on the wagon on Monday.

I think how you feel is totally normal. Before this restart I had too many to count along with numerous blips and yes it can be hard to back on track but you've done brilliantly so far and you can do it again.

Don't beat yourself up too much - you're human. I really hope you had a great birthday, and good luck tomorrow.

Sharon xx


Laugh in the face of food
I know this is no help to you hun, but I'm exactly the same, I have stuffed my face all day. I'm cross with myself because I can't seem to get my control back. Hope you manage to get back on track hun xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi there, the lesson to be learnt is next time you want to cheat remember how you are feeling now. Its just not worth it.
Once you slip it is so hard to get back on track (I should know, as I have done it many times), just remember the bad feelings you get after pigging out, and hopefully it will spur you on.

I think you should leave it now until you have had your weekend away, and make sure you enjoy it, and then make one clean fresh start on Monday.

Good luck xx
well I'm not sure if this is good or bad. I now don't have the car tomorrow so means I can not go to see my CDC for WI!!

I know this is bad really but I have no choice and am secretly pleased!!

I have a plan...
Tomorrow ~
*choc shake
*strawberry tetra
*anything I want for tea as we will be in the hotel in Chester (husbands birthday present)

Saturday ~
*anything as still at hotel but low carb options

Sunday ~
*low carb breakfast
*choc tetra
*choc mint shake

Monday ~
*back on CD SS 100%

Will make an appointment mid week for WI. Hopefully I can get myself back on track then.

Thanks for the posts.


Silver Member
me too!!! was good all week then ate curry last night, boo. i lost 2lbs this week (but gained 2 last week on 810) and wanted to lose a bit more. keep at it.
awww Lyndzi .... HUGS. well not having a WI means you can try to do a bit of damage limitation ..good luck chicken .... and please dont beat yourself up over this. Eating a whole lot then feeling bad about it shows that you are still in the right frame of mind for losing weight ..listen to your inner voice it will help you through all this.

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