Cant stop thinking about food and cant stop cooking


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Hi peeps,

Being on Cd for 8days today,weigh in last nite lost 9lbs,hurray,cheat earlier in the week had a corn on the cob but still lost 9lbs really thrilled.

\but i cant stop thinking about food,doing loads of things around the house to stop it but nit working,with 2kids under 2 and hubby cant stop thinking about food but ridiculously am not hungry,

but i have being stuffing my hubby and daughter with food,can stop cooking either but great news i dont want to eat the food,making cookies,muffins,doughtnuts and i dont want them,
Am thinking am i really ok,am so not interested in the food but i am really pleased that temptation isnt taking over me.

Good luck every1, new week hopefully great results for us all.
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Oh my!!! Well done you for not giving into temptation except for a weensy corn on the cob:D and doing all that cooking too! Respect due!!;)

Keep up your good work!

~I'm restarting tomorrow and not looking forward to the next few days but bring on ketosis!!


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Well done Lola, 9lbs is an excellent loss :)


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i know what you mean about the cooking, i do the same and im always looking at different things i can make for the kids and hubs, i can even watch cooking progs on tv and it dont bother me

well done on your 1st week :)


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I got very food obsessed when I did Lighterlife. I stuck to the diet but used to spend ages walking around the food aisles in supermarkets, when all I needed was bin bags and loo roll.

I would just utter the words 'be careful' as I did eventually succumb and my fantasy shopping turned into a grim reality.

So far this time I am not interested in food but that will probably change.

btw, marvellous loss, well done!