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Can't stop thinking of food!

dont worry sweetie, what did you expect, of course your going to think it and probably even dream it.. the only time you should feel dissapointed is when you give in..which you havent done,,which is brilliant!! it will get easier, only a few more days and youll be in ketosis..you can do it!! distracting yourself on here is the best way to do things...:) you can do it!!! and dont worry as long as you dont eat and give in youl be fine!!!! it will pass...x


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Bells is right, of course you will think about it first day, It will get easier when ketosis kicks in, you won't feel as hungry so you won't crave like you are doing now. Your body is battling against you and telling you that you want these foods but you don't NEED them, the shakes have everything you need. It is so hard i really hope you didn't give in, let us know how you are getting on!
hey everyone! thanks so much for the support! second day. had breakfast shake and lunch shake. strawberry's not so bad. still thinking of food, and almost called it quits but i'm going to take your advice and keep going. so does it get better when ketosis kicks in? can you feel it when you're in ketosis? do the shakes start tasting better? does this cold feeling go away?


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Well done for getting this far. Hang in there it is so worth it. When you are in Ketosis - its almost like magic - you'll not crave food so much and may even not notice food at all. You'll know when you are in it when you have bad breath and a metallic taste in your mouth. As for the cold feeling - not sure - I'm feeling the cold a lot more than I usually would but then I do have 5st less of fat insulation on me :D. You can make the shakes taste better by adding tablet sweetners - they are a lot better then :D

Good luck and keep up the good work.
Hi Silver, well done on getting to day 2 after your previous post. Make sure you drink plenty of water, black tea and coffee. It does get better when ketosis kicks in, which is usually after 3 or 4 days. You will find that you get a 'metal taste' in your mouth or you can buy ketosis sticks from the pharmacy. I like all the shakes including the soup, but have never tried the flapjacks. Can't answer you about the cold feeling, but since losing the weight I do feel the cold more!! Good luck with your journey.
Hey stick with it, everyday it gets easier!

I am on day 3 now and i cant believe how comfortable and easy I am finding it.

Stay focused on your first weigh in and you will be so pleased with yourself for sticking to it.

Rememeber !! EATIN'S CHEATIN!


on the up lol
I agree with them all , stick with it, it does get a lot easyer soon as ur body kicks in u shouldnt be hungry, then its all mind over matter :) , lol im only on day 5 all i think of is food, but it realy realy does get better , ur doing well :) keep up the good work :)

I agree with them all , stick with it, it does get a lot easyer soon as ur body kicks in u shouldnt be hungry, then its all mind over matter :) , lol im only on day 5 all i think of is food, but it realy realy does get better , ur doing well :) keep up the good work :)
well hello there mrs!? :) xxx
Yes it does get easier over time. You need to learn the difference between being hungry and wanting to eat - I think that is one of the things being on a TFR diet teaches you. Take it one day at a time, and look forward to your first weigh in. That should give you a real boost which will get you through the second and third weeks. Mentally I found the third week hardest, but soon after that it becomes second nature and, if you stick to the rules, will be easy. You must be strict though - one crisp, or one flavour in your mouth you're not allowed can tip you over to real hunger again so don't even think of cheating or twisting the rules.

Good luck

Oh sweets, of course you are craving food - think about it - how many times did you think about food every day before starting this plan? Bet it was loooaaaaddds, that isn't going to change overnight, if anything it's going to accelerate for a little while. I am only on day 5 of my return to exante and only managed 2 weeks my first time because I kept punishing myself with thinking about what I couldn't have. Well I'll tell you what I couldn't have if I don't carry on this time:

Self confidence
A ruddy great wardrobe full of clothes that actually fit me

I could go on but right now I could ruddy have a smoke so I'm off to hide from the kids in my bathroom and have one.

Stick with it babes, one day at a time.

Sammylou xx


Size 14 here i come!
The cold feeling will get better too, in the mean time take hot baths it's the only thing that works for me. Don't keep telling yourself that you can't eat and that you're not allowed to eat!! Tell yourself that you can eat whatever you want but you are choosing not to and only for a certain amount of time, it's not forever. All the lovely food will still be there when you are at goal and you can actually enjoy eating without feeling guilty!
Your 1st weigh in will really boost you so hang on in there till then, just keep saying it's only 1 week of this and i bet after you get weighed you won't want to stop cause you will feel great and be ready for week 2.Trust me it works!!


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It's only natural to think of food, before you would of just been eating and probably been unhappy too. Do stick to it you will be so glad you did. I promise it gets better after the first week as your weight loss will spur you on for week 2. Just log on like you did before and others will come along to support you. This site is great to help you get through this. Good luck.:)
aww thank you sooo much for all the advice everyone! I'm at the end of day two.Had a nice warm chocolate shake with a bit of coffee in it. I tip for the people who have little kids....drink your shake at the same time as you are feeding your little one so you don't feel tempted to pick. That's what I've just done. Plus I'm quite full up on my shake now. I can't wait till I'm in ketosis. Will look into those strips. Thanks for the tip. ;) That's a great idea to just think of it one week at a time. I want to lose over 60 pounds but have been thinking that I might only do this for about a month. But even just a month has sounded so daunting. But if I look at it just one week at a time like you've said it doesn't seem so bad. I can't wait for that motivation when I go for my first weigh in. Good luck to you all. Thank goodness for this forum. would you so lost without it.


Size 14 here i come!
Glad you're feeling positive again, you are doing fantastic, before you know it 1st weigh in will be here! Keep it up.


I will be skinny again!!!

There is nothing I can add to what every one has said but hang in there you can do it!!


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Ive just seen your post but everything has been said, so I will just say WELL DONE on getting to Day 2.

It isnt unusual to think more about food the first few days, cause you crave the things that you can have!! Normally, you wouldnt even think what you are putting in your mouth, cause food is there as and when you want it!

Hang in there and the rewards are so far greater than some food...food will be there eventually and you will have a new fab bod!

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