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cant stop weighing

I get my husband to hide them for me, out of sight, out of mind and restrict it to once a week. He gets them out when he gets up before me and then puts them away when I say please do it so I stop scalehopping, lol. This time I'm doing a 12 day gap, to give me a longer period as I've swapped from VLCD to atkins and I don't want to see any regain.


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I weigh most days, but have learnt not to let it upset me anymore if it isn't going down. It's a habit I've had for 35 years so I don't think it will go, lol.
I think smallerme's idea is a good one :D
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Hi Skinnylala,

Im so glad to read your mail cos thats how I feel and they really throw me into a bad mood for the day and stupidly I want to go and have lots of goodies (which I know defeats the purpose) but the scales is killing me - so as suggested have given it to a friend who I only see once or so a week - so will just have live in suspense then..but I could :cry::cry:with the scales presently...


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I weighed every morning for the five months I dieted and found it really useful.

The key is not to let the result dictate your mood for the day ! If mine said I hadn't lost anything then I just was more excited about the next day as that meant it was much more likely I would then.

ah, I was a scaleaholic on induction :) no easy answer, but these days I just go by my belt, if it's tight I need to cut back a bit, if it's loose, then no problem :)
I weigh daily, sometimes twice!! Lol but I has taught me how much I put on during totm and how much I don't lose when I drink wine lol it can be a good thing
arhhhhhhhhhh well still at it not lost pound since last fri in fact am up a pound bloody hell am obv doing something wrong

only time i cheated was having one cereal bar other day could taht possible have ruined things for meeeeeeeee
Stop weighing, you're sabotaging yourself
Yep, been there...

Daily weighing didn't work for me, it put me in either a stinking bad mood or so happy people think your weird LOL :)

I binned the scales and went to boots with my niece once a week. We had a wander round the shops and I bought a weekly Atkins bar. [couldn't keep them in the house - too tempting :eek:]

Everyone is different, what works for some of use doesn't always work for you...

I hope you find your way.
If it puts you in a bad mood, Caledonia has the best idea. Bin your scales and go somewhere like Boots/your local supermarket once a week and weigh in there.
Alternatively tell a friend your problem, take your scales to their house and only weigh yourself once a week, at their house!!
I used to weigh myself every day but it put me in a grump all day if I'd gained at all. It's so disheartening. But the next day I'd usually find I'd lose. Now I only weigh myself once a week, at work. (I work in Tesco and they have those weighing scale/BMI measuring machines)

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