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cant stop weighing


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I get my husband to hide them for me, out of sight, out of mind and restrict it to once a week. He gets them out when he gets up before me and then puts them away when I say please do it so I stop scalehopping, lol. This time I'm doing a 12 day gap, to give me a longer period as I've swapped from VLCD to atkins and I don't want to see any regain.


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I weigh most days, but have learnt not to let it upset me anymore if it isn't going down. It's a habit I've had for 35 years so I don't think it will go, lol.
I think smallerme's idea is a good one :D
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Hi Skinnylala,

Im so glad to read your mail cos thats how I feel and they really throw me into a bad mood for the day and stupidly I want to go and have lots of goodies (which I know defeats the purpose) but the scales is killing me - so as suggested have given it to a friend who I only see once or so a week - so will just have live in suspense then..but I could :cry::cry:with the scales presently...


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I weighed every morning for the five months I dieted and found it really useful.

The key is not to let the result dictate your mood for the day ! If mine said I hadn't lost anything then I just was more excited about the next day as that meant it was much more likely I would then.



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ah, I was a scaleaholic on induction :) no easy answer, but these days I just go by my belt, if it's tight I need to cut back a bit, if it's loose, then no problem :)


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I weigh daily, sometimes twice!! Lol but I has taught me how much I put on during totm and how much I don't lose when I drink wine lol it can be a good thing


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arhhhhhhhhhh well still at it not lost pound since last fri in fact am up a pound bloody hell am obv doing something wrong

only time i cheated was having one cereal bar other day could taht possible have ruined things for meeeeeeeee


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Stop weighing, you're sabotaging yourself


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Yep, been there...

Daily weighing didn't work for me, it put me in either a stinking bad mood or so happy people think your weird LOL :)

I binned the scales and went to boots with my niece once a week. We had a wander round the shops and I bought a weekly Atkins bar. [couldn't keep them in the house - too tempting :eek:]

Everyone is different, what works for some of use doesn't always work for you...

I hope you find your way.


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If it puts you in a bad mood, Caledonia has the best idea. Bin your scales and go somewhere like Boots/your local supermarket once a week and weigh in there.
Alternatively tell a friend your problem, take your scales to their house and only weigh yourself once a week, at their house!!
I used to weigh myself every day but it put me in a grump all day if I'd gained at all. It's so disheartening. But the next day I'd usually find I'd lose. Now I only weigh myself once a week, at work. (I work in Tesco and they have those weighing scale/BMI measuring machines)

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