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Cant stop


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I have had my tea. Im full. But i wanna pick at stuff. Im trying not to and what i do wanna eat is superfree but i know i should stop coz im not hungry- just eating coz its there. Its the grapes that get me. When i do start to munch I just dont seem to be able to stop coz they are so sweet and moreish. Anyone else get like this? Im trying to wait til I have my bedtime hot choc drink and hoping that will sort my munchies out but I have at least another hour and half till bedtime and if i have the drink too early id want another lol. Oh what to do lol. I think its just called Greed! :rolleyes:
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Ooooh yes grapes are so moreish...I eat a whole punnet an dthen wonder where they have gone .....whooops!:eek:

Sooooo glad im not the only one!!! I wish they would give me a funny tummy like they do some people so i wouldnt do it!! But they have no effect! :) Could be worse i suppose!


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don't have any advice i'm afraid but wanted to let you know you are not alone - I know eactly how you feel - it is so hard isn't it when you know you arent hungary but just want to pick - and like you once I start I can't stop. Will read with interest what the others have to say - there are some wise old owls on the forum !!


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S: 17st12lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 3st3lb(18%)
Haha you guys make me chuckle. Im so glad im not alone!
The good news...I have managed to resist until 10pm!! Now I can relax and breathe knowing I still have my syns in tacked and have my bedtime hot choc to enjoy soon. I only managed to do this though as I spontaneously decided my wardrobes need clearing out.. yes that's right at 8.30pm at night I started a job that would take me hours. Now I am half way through and will have to leave the rest until tomoro when I just know I wont be bothered to do it then lol! Glad I didnt eat though! LMAO


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I have been a terrible night time grazer, and been finding it very hard to get out of the habit, and I know its just that, so I set a target of not eating after 9pm, and treating it the same as I did when I gave up smoking. Its been very hard! But I am on day 3!! So your not alone. Everytime I feel the urge, I have a drink, and so far its working.

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