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Capsiplex Pills


I'm a greedy pig
never heard of them. i am often tempted to try slimming pills and dream of tablets that would take away my constant cravings for junk food[i am greedy]

i wouldn't recomend touching any tablets unless your dr recomends them as there are side effects to medication your dr prescribes let alone what you risk if it isn't


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Personally, I've bought all kinds of pills that promise you great results over years. The only thing that ever worked was from the doctor...Xenical.

Every time I'm tempted to buy some sort of weight loss aide now, I have to try and remind myself that all I'm doing is giving my money to this multi billion pound industry that feeds off our desperation for a quick fix that doesn't really exist.
Yes they are good they certainly help you rid yourself of the odd blip shall we say . Now where is the nearest toilet please ? Lol x

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I've been taking Capsiplex for exactly one week and have lost 3lbs. I am actually amazed that these have worked for me this week as i have been working long hours so have been living off convenience food :/

Anyhow, i've had no side effects whatsoever, and as far as i'm aware none have ever been reported. I'll keep you posted but so far so good
I've taken them for a month now. Have also been following the SW diet for 2 weeks and take my 2 hunting dogs out for 2-3 hours a day and I have to say these have made NO DIFFERENCE to my weight loss. I knew when i bought them that they probably wouldn't work, but stupidly spent the money...what a mug am I??!!! There are no "quick fixes" in the long run. We all have to cut down on portion size, make wiser food choices and take a bit more exercise. It may take longer but we didn't put the weight on over night! Use the money on some really nice healthy food choices! Good luck!

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