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Carb question!!!!

Hi there!!!!
Not yet started Atkins, getting all my stuff together so Im fully prepared!!!!
Couple of questions if anyone can help!!!
First, whats the diff between carbs and net carbs???? Secondly, if Im on induction, can I use my 20g of net (?) carbs on anything, or should I use it on my veggies????
Thanx in advance guys, cant wait to start!!!!!
Adele :D
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I'm not entirely sure of the carb thing myself but I do know that it's best to use them on veg. Like if a mars bar had 20g of carbs you still couldn't have it, or you couldn't have 20gs worth of potatoes, ya know? You should make them up with only the allowed foods - stick to that and you can't go wrong. :)


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Welcome Mrs DC (love the name) - Rose is right, use your 20g carbs on green leafy veg and you won't go wrong.

Carbs vs net carbs - is a labelling thing, I think, between us and the US. We just have carb amounts here, the fibre has already been deducted, but on some things (like Atkins bars) go for net carbs. Hope that makes sense.


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if you buy fresh veg you still need to calculate the net value, as the other have said most food in packages has the carb value on it i buy most veg from farm shops fresh and no labels are on them, get the atkins carb calculator book very helpful.
Simply put. UK the fibre is already deducted so go by carb count on the label.
US you deduct the fibre from the the overall carb count.
The reason you can't have something like a mars is cos of the sugar. The insulin becomes a rush and will store it as fat. It is long and complicated. Best thing to do is get the book and it will explain it. Get the "New Atkins New you" one. published 2010. Dirt cheap from Amazon £5 or £7 Boots chemist.
Oooooh, its all messing my head up!
I have just finished my tesco online shop and checked the nutrition value on sausages etc. Soooooo, it states on my 'Jimmys Farm Free Range Sausages', carb 0.3g per sausage, of which sugars 0.3g! Can I safely say this is 0.3g per soss? Plus, I have ordered Flamehouse 100% Beef Quarter Pounders,carb 0.6g per burger, 0.12g sugars. Is this acceptable? Can you see why have given myself a week to start, lol!!!! Always planning!!!!


Clean green leafy machine
You're spot on, love - in the Uk go with whatever it says as carbs - keep in mind some give a carb amount for 15g, it's not always for 100g. But yes, 0.3g carbs for those sossies.

I would suggest that, if you're starting off on induction, try to go for unprocessed stuff, so meat, chicken, fish, and have sossies at treats, and then you can spend your carbs on veg - we call it clean and green and it's how Jim, who is the big daddy of this forum, lost an incredible amount of weight.


Clean green leafy machine
Welcome to the club :)
Good Luck MrsDC :)

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