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Carbfest over...

Hi everyone and a happy new year to you all.

I'm glad that the festive season is over and things returning to normal.

I gained 8lb in the space of a week, from comfort eating... Aside from the swine flu which we've all been struggling with, we had 2 terrifying incidents involving my little boys and A&E departments (one stopped breathing on boxing day and 3 days later, the other chopped part of his finger off in a door frame).

I'm happy to say that they are both absolutely fine, and today i'm back to work - didn't wanna leave them this morning, but i'm starting to get over it now.

I glad to be back on the Atkins (day 3 now)- i was only gonna have xmas day off, but it turned into a 7 day carbfest. Unfortunately the house is still full of chocolate. - maybe i'll feed it to the kids for breakfast and tea untill it's gone :17729:
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Oh Crikes Lorna how eventful. hope everyone gets better soon, and yes feed em choccies :)


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Lorna you poor thing, that all sounds awful - but glad you're all on the mend :)


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How awful for you Lorna! Bet they're both totally over things now, while you'll NEVER get over those shocks!

Well done getting back on track after all that trauma. :)
lol, you're right water, ironically the one christmas i'd like to forget, is permanantly etched into my memory.

Hopefully i'm not so traumatised that i'll never again enjoy christmas ever:d'oh:
goodness, not a happy festive season for your household this year then! poor you (and your boys)

good to hear all is now well, here's to a good new year for you and yours xx
Thanks everyone for your supportive comments xxx

you kind of filled the hole that my mum created by going away to the Carribean and being unavailable for me to cry on!!!!
She's due back next week - that's going to be a very long chat. lol
Of course Vicky, who else am i gonna talk atkins with - everyone else (especially mom) seems to think Atkins is like self harming!!!
pmsl you are so right. just say im cutting out starchy food ;)


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[email protected], good for you - I can't be bothered arguing the toss with idiots, only my nearest and dearest know :)


Never give up
That's my girl! I say low carb cos I'm a chicken and can't hack the flack any more. :D


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I was going to ask how you dealt with the question of whether you say you are on atkins (or eating in a certain way). I havent dared admit atkins to my mum but have said we are going on a bit of a diet after xmas. Really dont want to get in an argument but will want to be served appro food when we go round (mum is an amzing cook!)

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