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I made the most delicious spaghetti carbonara the other day. It was totally free as I used my HE's.
I gave some to my friend (one of those annoying people with a 'high metabolism' and can eat whatever they want) and she said she wouldnt have known it was low-fat!

  • Fry Light or oil if you want to use syns/ HEs
  • 1 onion
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 egg
  • half a teacup of skimmed milk
  • bacn for HEb
  • I don't have an exact measurement for the pasta, I just usually bung it in and hope it's enough!
  • You can add mushrooms if you like, i think most carbonara recipes call for it, but I dont like them.

  1. fry the onion in the frylight until its soft
  2. then add the bacon - chopped up quite small.
  3. You can also be boiling the pasta at this point - this whole recipe is so quick!
  4. mix the egg and the milk together and when the pasta is cooked add it into the onion and bacon mixture in the pan.
  5. stirr in the egg and milk over a very low heat. Make sur the egg doesn't scramble!
You can put cheese on it, but i just usually whack a bit of salt and pepper on it!
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definitely! I was tempted to have cheese. But the problem is that when I start....I just can't seem to stop!!!

Let me know how it goes! YOu might find you need a splash more milk - but it's personal taste really! :)


more sweaty than betty
I think I might give that one a try soon. I guess if I was on a green day I would only have to syn up the bacon or use it as a hexb. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Sounds good! I have got carbonara tonight.
I use fat free fromage frais instead of milk and then add parmesan as my HEB.

I serve it with a big salad to make it free on extra easy mmm
I have made the one out of a recent SW magazine (can't remember the issue - sorry) but for the 'ham' I have been using the Quorn bacon bits which are free. Even my other half likes it and I thought he would rather have proper bacon!
Yeah - the bacon is euther syns or HEb. I prefer to use my syns on sweet things, so had the bacon as a HE. It would be nice without the bacon too, if you add a few herbs maybe? Might have to try the quorn bacon!

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