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  1. Tiger Girl

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    I've got a question. I've just checked the labels on some packs to have a look at the carb count;

    Per 100g
    Vanilla 33.4
    Toffee bar 48
    Nut crunch 28

    I though the reason we couldn't have more than one bar a day was because of the carb count? But surely the nut crunch has less than the shakes and soups??
    I'm confused:(
    Have I got this right?
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  3. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    I must be honest and say I've never checked, but it is interesting. Hope someone who does know comes along soon!
  4. sambasset

    sambasset Member

    I remember from doing Atkins that only some types of carbs affect ketosis and you only count the 'net carbs'. They break the carb content down into several different categories on the back of the bars - some types were significant and I seem to remember others being offset by fibre or some other component??? The same principle may apply with Lighterlife.
  5. Fuzzys Angel

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    I agree, i'm sure back in the day when i gave Atkins ago, it spoke about 'Good carbs' & 'Bad carbs'
  6. IslandBreeze

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    Don't forget that the bars are 50g and the powders are only 32g. So you'd need to compare carbs per serving rather than carbs per 100g as bars weigh 50% more than the powders.
  7. Tiger Girl

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    starting to crack...

    I don't know what's going on. This is week 16 and I'm struggling like never before.
    I actually feel like I'm going to go out of my mind if I don't have some food.

    When I hit my wall at week 11, and felt physically hungry for 6 days straight, although I was craving food I knew 100% that this wasn't an option. This time the physical craving is just as strong but I don't feel 100% certain that I'm not going to be able to give in to it - far from it. It's been overwhelming all weekend. I've been to the gym both days, I've been out constantly and very busy - the whole time I've thought about giving in. I'm beginning to convince myself that I'm going to have to give in to it and then get over it, and that giving in to some real food doesn't mean that I won't be able to get straight back on track.
    What's going on?

    I've got 8 weeks minimum to go in Development, and with 3st yet to lose I can't be feeling this hungry for real surely? ie I'm in ketosis, there's still a good 3 st of energy left to munch on. I didn't lose anything at all last week. Is this why I'm feeling like this? I know I've been bingeing on packs - yesterday I had 6 as I felt I couldn't get through the day. Today I've still got half a bar to go, but I don't want it. I want real food.

    This feels really scary. I was at a party today (enormous amounts of food which looked and smelled more amazing than any other food I've faced in the last 15 weeks), loads and loads of fabulous compliments and I know that I looked great, but my mind is saying 'yeah, yeah, whatever...where's the food?'
    I've done a thought record - still feel hungry. I've had a gallon of water - still hungry.

    I need some help.
    How am I going to get through the next 8 weeks? :cry:
  8. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    sorry - meant to post a new thread...
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