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Carbs before Marbs!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Capri_Gal, 12 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Firstly, I'm not a fan of TOWIE, I'm off to Marbella in the summer and the title sprung to mind!

    I've been following SW on and off for years, always successfully, until I end up leaving group and piling it all back on! I've decided that this time HAS to be the the time that I get to my target weight and STAY there!

    I weighed in last Monday at home and have had a 100% week. I was hoping to rejoin my group on Saturday but was unable to get there. I will be going this Saturday but know what I'm doing so there's no excuse for not food optimising in the meantime.

    I've decided, after reading so many inspirational stories on here, to keep a log of my journey. I hope to connect with others through this but also feel like I need a place to vent, even if no one reads it!

    So, here's me! I'm 27, married with no children. I weighed in at 12.8 and am hoping to get down to 10st. I follow the EE plan mostly and have a massive sweet tooth! I have never thought of myself as an emotional eater but I am trying to figure out what causes me to eat the way I do.

    Wish me luck!
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  3. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Weighed in this morning and I am 7lbs down! Wohoo! I have never lost 7lbs in a week before but I think that the weight was mostly bloat from Christmas and the wedding I has been to a few days before starting!

    12st 1lb is not where I expected to be; I was expecting it to take me a month to get out of the 12's, now I'm aiming to be in the 11's this time next week!

    I hope that this weight loss spurs me on. I was struggling massively last night (one of the main reasons I started this thread), all I wanted to do was order a pizza and kept on moaning to my OH that life isn't fair because I wasn't born with skinny genes! To his credit, he just cuddled me and let me carry on with my childish whine!

    So, new week.

    I'm sat at my desk writing this, a busy day ahead of me. I've just had an Alpen Light bar and an apple. I have pineapple chunks for a snack, wholemeal roll with egg mayo for lunch and the OH is doing something with chicken and salad for dinner. Looking forward to getting home and into my bed tonight!
  4. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Hellish day at work today and I have been so hungry - correlation I wonder?! I had a fruit salad and alpen light for breakfast, an apple, wm roll, grapes and a banana for lunch - should have been enough!

    I'm feeling a little bit down today. The journey ahead of me in terms of my weight loss seems daunting and unachievable at the moment! I'm doubting myself every minute and just wondering how long I can make it without picking up the phone and ordering a pizza! I know it won't make me feel any better in the long run but that doesn't enter my thought process!

    That being said, I'm waiting for my SW friendly dinner, am going to jump in a hot bath with a good book and then snuggle up with the OH and a DVD. I can only take this one day at a time and, though today's a bad day, it's not going to be the day I give in!
  5. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member


    Good luck on your journey. You CAN do it :) if you're craving pizza, have u thought about makin a sw friendly one? I know it won't b the exact same as a takeaway one but might take the edge off.
  6. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Hi - thanks for the encouragement :)

    I'm thinking about using a WW pitta to make my own, see if that curbs the craving! Think I'm just having a really down day - tomorrow I might wake up and crave an apple!
  7. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    Fingers crossed for the apple, lol
  8. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Another stressful day at work!

    Good day on plan though - I've managed 10 whole days without a blip - that's a new record!

    I'm still feeling a little bit blugh! I don't know what's up with me; I'm following the plan 100% and I lost 7lbs last week! I've set myself small goals so that the task ahead doesn't seem so daunting:

    1) lose 7lbs
    2) get into the 11's
    3) get to 11.7

    I've already achieved number one and I'm hoping that I can tick number two on Monday, only 2lbs to see 11 something!

    I think that I'm letting family stuff affect me. I know that I want to be at target by August as I'm going on a massive group holiday. Two of the others girls going despise me and are constantly slagging me off behind my back. The thought of wearing a bikini in front of them at my current size fills me with dread, hence the reason I'm here trying to lose weight! I think that my mind keeps wandering back to thoughts of me not succeeding and having to wear a swimsuit in front of them.

    So, as of today I am going to try to think positive thoughts. I will be at target by August and I will look fab in a bikini is my new mantra.

    And repeat!
  9. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    So, I'm sat at my desk with a cup of tea, alpen light and a banana; it's a new day and I'm feeling a little bit more like myself. I know that today's going to be a manic one, I'm not going to leave until 6pm this evening, but I have bought lots of SW friendly food with me and my dinner's in the slow cooker for when I get home. Preparation is key!

    I'm looking forward to a night in on my own tonight. The OH is working late so I'm off to bed with a few treats (all within my syns) to watch some trashy TV! Only 12 hours or so until I can snuggle under my duvet!

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