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carbs in sausie's


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I think it's too hard to work out, and has too much room for error if you're doing induction Ber. Stick to the packs where you can see what you're getting. M&S do 97% pork sossies - hard to beat at 0.5 carbs per large sossie.

If you're on OWL or beyond, you have a greater margin of error - just eat some and see if you maintain or gain! That's the glory of Atkins! :D


Never give up
Looks the same in Ireland too honey. You have to get the Outdoor reared 97% pork sausages - ignore any others on the shelf - seriously, they're 0.5 net carbs per sausage. :)

Failing that, LIDL have frozen sossies at 1g per sossie - my children hate them though and love the M&S ones - no contest! :D
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The Tesco frozen ones are tasteless I find, pity really, do you not have Lidl or Aldi at all in Dublin Ber?


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Hi Ber

Here's the carb content of the sausages we like (from the low carb contest thread)

- Debbie & Andrew Garden Herb sausages, 0.2 carbs per sausage (Tesco, I get mine online as they don't have them instore at my local)
- Jamie Oliver Italian sausages, 0.9g for 2 sausages
- Asda extra special pork and chorizo sausages, 0.6g carb per 100g
- Black Farmer Premium Pork Sausages, 1g carb per 100g
- Red Dog Chilli Frankfurters 350G, 1g carb per 100g
- Tesco's finest pork chipolata's, 1.8 carbs per 2 sossa's
- Asda extra special pork sausages w cheese & onion, 3 carbs per 100g
- German bockwurst sausage (Waitrose), less than 1g carb per 100g
Hi ber i am in ireland also .I got the m&s skinny ones and i have 2 of these and they are the lowest carb i have found .I have to say i didnt like the look of them but when i cooked them they tasted yummy .
Thanks all , will try get to m+s for a nosey , only tesco deliver to me and the frozen one's are all they do . A question for ye experts , those tesco frozen one's say 0.5g of carb , but the meat content is very low on them so why are they so low carb when they must be bulked out with something , its very confuzzling .
i buy 'the best' sausages from morrisons, they are chipolatas with black pepper.....*runs to check carb count* 0.7g per sausage
Hey come fly to Birmingham and join the meet Ber. :)

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