Cat is still alive!!!

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    CHUKKI Full Member

    Just a a quick note to let you know that the cat survived being eaten last night.

    I managed to get through the night but with a massive struggle. I feel much better today day 5 but find im freezing??

    At least hubby doesnt feel the need to hide the animals today. LOL!

    Nearly weigh in day i'm sooooooo excited.:party0019:
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  3. kered

    kered Gold Member

    LOL, when I first read this I was thinking something had attacked your cat, now I realise it was YOU that nearly attacked it. Thankfully the cat lives to see another day.

    Go for a walk wee cat, its dangerous in that house!
  4. blondiecat

    blondiecat Member

    thats really funny! hope your weigh in goes well:)
  5. FloridaGirl

    FloridaGirl Full Member

    So your hubbys not hiden the cat from you then? ha ha, You'll be cold from now on but hopefully the weather will start to get better soon. keep up the good work you should be over the worst soon x x
  6. curleytop

    curleytop Full Member

    That really made me laugh! You are doing well, you have nearly cracked it! Just wait until you get a good first weight loss and that will spur you on!x
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