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cat people i have a question please help

hello everyone. sorry i havent been here or ages. i hope you ladies dont mind me asking a question.

Tango our cat, is 6 ive had him since a tiny kitten. hes very timid and sleeps most of the time inside the wardrobe. this week ive noticed hes hungry. more than usual. he never loooks for food, and soetimes dosent even wake up for breakfast. not the type of cat that follows you around mewing and lurking in the kitchen looking to be fed.

any way this week, hes been mewing all the time for food. when i feed him he clears the plate completly.

then one morning this week i woke up and found a pile of puke in the hall. clered it up thought nothing of it. thought he had ate too many bisuits or something.

the yesterday i came home from work, went into the lounge and there on the rug was a big poo! 6 hard nuggets sitting on top of my magazine i had left on the floor! i couldnt believe it - he has never done anything like this before. so i picked it up and disenfected the rug... then on the other side of the rug i found a wet patch. had a sniff and it was pee!....

this morning i was rudely awaoken by my husband yelling at Tango at 6.30 cause he found him on the rug getting ready to go toilet. scratching the rug as if he was trying to dig a hole.

why would he be doing this all of a sudden?

is he getting lazy and cant be bothered to go outside in the cold and rain. im stumped... i dont know what to do.

any advice?


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Obviously there is a big change in his behaviour and I would think your best getting him checked out with your vet.

As there could be some underlying condition causing such a drastic change.

Love Mini xxx
I'd agree with Mini, take him to the vet and find out if there's anything causing his discomfort, hun. I doubt he's getting lazy, maube he just couldn't stop the urge to toilet and was upset about it? He's only 6 so that's still quite young for a male cat, but he should still be seen by the vet asap.

Let us know how you get on okay?
I agree with the above, think a vet should check him out.

A tip by the way, sprinkle bi-carbonate of soda on the "wee" patch, it will take the odour away and hopefully he won't try to use that place again xxx


My 7 year male did start to do that 6 months after we moved house last year, he stopped after a while tho, just had to keep him de-stressed. Recently he's been trying to wee on the front door mat but couldn't go and it turned out he had a blockage - stress related again. I think stress is a common problem in cats. And the slightest thing will set them off! I am sure it's nothing to worry about but I would take him to the vets to get him checked out just to be on the safe side. Do you have any Feliway plug in's? - I have found these to be a great help. I'm sure he'll be fine - let me know how you get on. vx
Yep, my cat went completely doolally when she had thyroid problems.

Has another cat moved into the area? Could tango be scared to go outside now?

Trip to the vet sounds in order though.
thanks everyone, i think i will call the vet and ask them. ive been in and out all day today, and hes been asleep in the dining room, so i left him locked in there just in caseof accidents. ive completly scrubbed the wooden lounge floor with disenfectant and done the rug too. also squirted fabreze on the rug to try to discourage him doing it there again.

funny thing is ive noticed hes skulking around the house looking very tentative. as if hes scared of something. hes timid at the best of times, but now he looks edgy if you know what i mean.

will let you know what happens next

Awww Jo good luck hun ....hope you find out why he is doing this.
We have a new member of the cat family, her name is Willow and is 6 months old, Callum got her from Woodside, she has epilepsy like our Tigger, woodside are going to pay for her medication for life.

She is adorable........hee hee Cleo said hi.


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I know this thread is 4 weeks old, but just wanted to say when you use disinfectant thats saying to a cat that another cat has marked the area, same with bleach - to them it smells like another cat, so wont achieve anything - best as someone said to use bi carb and just washing up liquid, something mild and nuetral.

Hope your cat is okay. I'd be tempted to try putting a bowl of food where it's dirtying, or remove the rug for a while till it gets it out of its system of going there.

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