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Catherines Diet Chef Diary

Day 1

Dear Diary

Well day one almost over. I've been working a 12 hour night shift tonight (1900 until 0700) so food been a bit out of order.

Will power started well when my other half was trying to get me to share his dohnut not long after getting up. But i wasn't aboute to ruin the diet before I'd even started it.

I started off by having a Chocolate milkshake before work and thought it was yum which I wasn't expecting as most people seem to not like the shakes. Didn't keep me filled up for long, not sure if this is just because I wasn't getting to chew anything it didn't feel like I was eating.

Anyways I kept myself going with fruit until dinner time. I had the Sweet and Sour Chicken. Had cooked some stir-fry vegetables and small amount of rice the night before so mixed this with it and it tasted nice. Chicken was a bit dry.

The Nairn Mediterranean tomato oat crisp things were really nice.

Finish work at 0700 and plan on having the Vanilla Porridge when I get home and all tucked up in bed.

Someone from work bought some really nice homebaked cakes in but I managed to resist and had a 100% day so really happy.

I love summer but hoping it’s not so hot today. It’s so hard to sleep in the daytime in this heat. :( but if it is hope everyone has a lovely day in the sunshine ....but keep the noise down cause i'll be trying to sleep :D

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lol thanks shep for being quiet I had a really good days sleep.

Its a day late but .....

Day 2

On night shifts again so started my day with a bannana milkshake.

Had a salade to keep me going until dinner.

Dinner - What a disaster I had the thai chicken curry and it wasn't to my taste at all!! couldn't eat it and had to throw it away.

As I was on a break didn't have time to cook any thing else so had to starve until my next break. (well I had the chilli oat bakes to keep me going)

Luckily I had bought in the marcaroni cheese in by mistake so had that instead ... was a bit fed up as was planning on having a nice salade with it but as didn't plan to have it didn't have any left with me.

had a really stressful night at work so treated myself to a bacon Mcmuffin on the way home.

I know its naughty but I counted the calories and was well within my 1200Kcal for the day and I really needed it to cheer myself up.

Hopefully one day I`ll learn not to turn to food when I'm fed up :(

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