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Caught in the act


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Hi Chaps,

Remember my 3-bar binge? Well like a good little group member I confessed all to my LLC at the weigh in last Monday. Her response was to scold me!! Yes a good old scolding. Told me I was wasting my time and money if I wasn't going to stick to the programme and that rather than have had the bars I should have had more water!!!!! I was awash at the time.

I think she was disappointed that despite my little transgression I had managed to lose 3 lbs. Nice!

Well on Saturday I was out with my sister and mother-in-law and having been to Ikea we popped into a tea shop on the way home. And who did I see scoffing two scones with jam, cream and butter? Yes - my good old scolding LLC!!!!

Her face was red - can't wait to see her again tomorrow night.

Smug Possum :D
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Hmmm - I have heard of a lady who confessed at her LL meeting to eating a single prawn during the week. The LLC decided to make an example of her, ranted and raved for a while - then said in front of the whole group 'well, it's no wonder you only lost 1lb this week.' The lady never went back to another LL meeting. The two LLC's sound quite similar tbh.

Please don't think I'm saying anything bad about LL as it certainly has its place, and no-one can deny that it works, but stories like these make me wince a bit!



has started again!!
I confessed my mega-binge to my LLC at last weeks WI, & she was totally cool about it! She asked if I understood why I had done it (& I could truthfully say "yes"), and she asked if I had done a thought record, again I had in the form of my blog.

Although I quite honestly ate for England that day (croissant, malt loaf, chocolate, cheese etcetc - could NOT stop) I lost 2.2lbs. As it would have officiallly been my "milk week" I didnt have the milk, and just worked through my misdemeanor.

TBH, I think if I hadnt understood or come to terms with it, I am sure she would have helped me through. She always asks if we want to share anything with the group, like that, and respects our wishes if we prefer not to. She is not a pushover, dont get me wrong, but she is a great LLC as far as I can tell. I have been very happy to lose my weight in her group.

So sorry yours is not apparently as helpful, as I doubt I would have carried if I had had a rollocking, rather than a personal one-2-one with her! (in fact the rollocking came from OH....and boy did I come back with both barrells!!!LOL)

Keep going tho, and dont let it stop you!



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Hi KD,

I don't know if she is currently doing LL but she has made numerous references to when she "was doing the diet" and as I have posted before she is larger that all but one person in our group!!

Her locum is a much nicer person but she too is very large and admits to having done LL in the past but then put all the weight back on.

Just as well that I'm not depending upon them for my success!
I think this is very much a personal journey and some LLC's, just like all areas of work, are better than others! Just keep going day to day & focus on your journey...it may be that the LLC is "transferring" some of her own stuff to the group and being harsh because she feels she has failed? Like all of us the majority got into LL because of their own weight so like most of us will struggle forever with it! Just take your support from others I would....big hugs & keep up the good work not stuffing the bars!
Your post made me nearly wet myself when you caught the LLC in the act! :whoopass:

However I am sorry for her unsupportive response in the meeting.

Like others have said, people have confessed and my LLC has been supportive without being too easy going about it. She always checks they have learned from it, which I believe is the whole point!

Keep going, at least you have that image in your head if she is like that again.

sorry - realised my post came accross a sanctimoniuos which I didnt mean it to! I do have huge sympathy as have struggled with my LLC & she me.....have learned to let go & chill about it now but it has taken time (week 9) and just hope that things improve as we get to know each other better! Meanwhile I get so much support from others that its been copable! Big hugs & sorry for sounding patronising!


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Hi In Search Of Me,

I only "bar-stuffed" once (a total of 3) and wont be doing it again.

I'm starting to regret I ever mentioned it.

No offence taken.
Nah fessup girl! Although the fact that you manage to get one down, never mind 3 is a feat in itself! I cant stand them now!! We all struggle with diff things at various times and much more important to be honest when you do - esp as someone else may feel the same so your struggle may help another etc....

Hi In Search Of Me,

I only "bar-stuffed" once (a total of 3) and wont be doing it again.

I'm starting to regret I ever mentioned it.

No offence taken.


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
ooooooooough!! Is it bad that I'm laughing?? :)

I think I'd die if any of mine saw me munching bad stuff....heeeeeee heeeeeee....good job I don't do that *cough* nope.....
Glad to hear your counsellors just as human as the rest of us!!:)

We ALL have our moments, whether its full on in public or hidden in the corner of the kitchen:eek: Food Rules! You need to do this one for you as those scones wont affect your waist line:D

Lighter Me

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