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-= Cazzabelle's Diary=- returning after 7 years

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Cazzabelle, 21 December 2013 Social URL.

  1. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Hi all. I am Caz and I am 31 from Northampton.

    I first discovered SW 7 years ago and last 4 stone. For the most of the last 7 years I kept it off but the last year and a bit I piled on the pounds. Injury meant I stopped running, my only form of exercise. :( So re joined Thursday. I put 1 1/2 stone back on. I am determined to get back on it and shift the last few lbs I always carried with me prior :)

    I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which does impact how I feel on a daily basis. So this is where I hope to record my achievements and welcome any support along the way :)

    I will update this post as I have made a list of breakfast and meal ideas. I love my slow cooker so expect to see a lot of meals involving that :)

    So if I am stuck or bored I will come back to this board to find food inspiration :)

    BREAKFAST IDEAS- Would have witha side of Fruit is no Super free foods mentioned.

    • Magic Porridge – made with oats, pudding rice, regular rice, couscous or quinoa
    • Sweetened couscous
    • Fry Up
    • Bacon sarnie ( Can make this the night before)
    • Mushrooms on toast
    • Baked Beans on Toast.
    • Egg on toast/ Boiled egg and soldiers
    • Eggy Bread
    • French Toast
    • Banoffee Wheatabix
    • Scramble egg and sandwich
    • Low syn sausages cooked t he night before and put in a sarnie.
    • Frittata
    • Omelette
    • SW Hash Browns
    • Scrambled Egg Pitta
    • Scan Bran cherry Bakewell
    • Mugshot

    MAIN MEALS - Italics means can be done in the Slow cooker.

    • Spag bol
    • Chilli Con Carne
    • Keema Curry
    • Beef Ragout
    • Pork Ragout
    • Schwarts slow cooker - Chicken Curry (4.5 syns syns per packet)
    • Schwarts Slow cooker Beef and Tomato Casserole ( (6 syns per packet)
    • Schwartz sausage and bean casserole ( 5.5 syns per pack and syn your sausages)
    • Pulled Pork
    • Turkey Bacon and thyme Hotpot
    • Smoked Paprika Casserole
    • Bacon wrapped chicken on a bed of Savoy Cabbage
    • Ratatouille
    • Roast Beef/pork
    • Roast chicken
    • SW egg fried rice
    • Cottage pie
    • SW chips egg and gammon
    • Chicken tray bake
    • Petes yung sung
    • Chicken stuffed with feta and spinanch
    • Balsamic Chicken
    • SW KFC Chicken
    • Tinned mackerel and tagleatelle
    • Mousakka
    • Cowboy Hot bot
    • Chicken and chorizo rice
    • Jacket Potatoes
    • Stir Fry
    Last edited: 23 December 2013
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  3. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    Hi here to subscribe! Good luck on your journey....you've done it before so just keep that in mind that you can do it again! Look forward to reading your menus
  4. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Saturdays EE food diary total - syns used 4 syns

    Omelette with baked beans - 3 x eggs, Morrisons forzen med veg, 1 potato, health A Cheese
    2 Apples. 2x cups of boiling water with a slice of lemon.

    Lunch - Spinach soup, 2 x Whole bread healthy B

    Dinner - Sausage casserole 1 syn ( for the sachet mix). 2 x ww sausages =1 syn. Cannellini beans, carrot, tinned tomatoes, onion. Served with sautéed garlic, carrots, leek and sweetheart cabbage

    Snacks: banana, Clementine, pear

    going to a party later. I am driving so allowing myself 1 Vodka and D.coke 2 syns

    May add later as day goes on.
    Last edited: 21 December 2013
  5. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Okay Okay Christmas was a silly time to get back on track. Party Saturday night. SPent the day with friends Sunday. And now been invited to a friends for Cjhristmas/boxing day. Day after boxing day back on track. I WILL do this!

    Origanl post updated with breakfast ideas.
  6. ChelleFeegan

    ChelleFeegan Full Member

    I joined over Christmas too... This is my second week. Trying not to be too hard on myself as I'm learning all about it but I'm feeling quite excited about some of the food and the inspiration on here. :)
  7. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    I have decided on Friday I am going to get back on track and dedicate myself. First week, xmas and star week have beaten me.lol Good luck and hope we can inspire each other
  8. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Friday Red Day

    As promised it is Friday and I am back on track.

    I plan on doing a mixture of Original and Extra Easy Days. When I did SW before there had intorduced EE . But I found i had better losses on original days. I am going on Holiday to Egypt in March and want to feel confident again.

    Last 3 months is where I have piled on the due to being happy dating and as so lots of nights out and cooking tio impress. Change in medication, relationship break down and 2 weeks in Egypt for my birthday in an all inclusive hotel.

    Will update this post as the day goes on. But here we go.

    Will have a dry January so no booze. And will get back on my feet and go walking which I will then increase to going jogging again.

    40g All bran - Hex B
    Semi skimmed A

    2 x slices Malted WW bread - 5 syns ( was what I had left in the fridge)
    1 x tin of Mackeral in tomato sauce
    2 Apples

    Beef Stew - Made with schwartz packet - 1 syn per portion
    Sautéed brussel sprouts, leeks, carrots, cabbage and garlic

    Ryvita minis - Hex B
    home made tomato and red pepper soup.

    Options hot chocolate with hex A 1 syn

    Syns = 7
    Last edited: 27 December 2013
  9. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Okay i know it only 5pm but day 1 feels good. Off to get weighed at 6:30 and expecting a gain. Sucks as I started last week and am expecting to have put on. As friends pulled all the stops and rescued me from a Christmas alone and as a result drank, ate and was merry.

    But I am determined next week will be a loss :)

    So weigh in and then off to see the hobbit. Will have my hot chocolate and soup when i get home.
  10. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    I maintained this week. I will take that as pretty much did not plan all week!
  11. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Saturday - Red day = 6 syns

    40g All bran Hex B
    Skimmed milk Hex A

    2 x WW danish malted bread 5 sysn
    Salad leaves
    Cherry tomatoes
    3 rashes of bacon

    chicken Stir fry

    ryvita minis Hex B

    2 cheese pods hex A
    1 ryvita 1 syn
    Last edited: 28 December 2013
  12. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Okay so far so good. Not been feeling hungry at all :)

    Back to work tomorrow after Christmas. That will be where battle commences as there is always food in the office.

    Sunday - 7 syns used

    All bran - HexB
    Skimmed Milk - hex A

    2 x slices of WW malted danish 5 syns
    3 sliced of bacon
    Baby leaf salad
    Cherry tomatos

    Turkey Breast
    Stir Fry Veg

    2 x benefit bars - hex b
    boiled eggs
    Options hot choclate made with 2nd hex 1 of milk - 2 syns.

    Will update with food as the day go on.
    Last edited: 29 December 2013
  13. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Wow - Another satisfied food day. -26 syns

    Now I am ahead of the game for tomorrow. first day back at work after the festivities.


    Cereal hex b ( will either be Wheatabix or all bran)
    Milk hex A

    Home made curried BNS soup
    Turky Salad.

    Beef stew Sauteed Sprouts, cabbage and carrots

    2 x benefit bars hex B
    4 quality streets =8 syns
    A packet of hula hoops 6 1/2 syns
    Kr kipling fruit pie for 11 1/2 syns

    Need to remember I have 1 hex A left
    Last edited: 30 December 2013
  14. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    First day back at work. Would have been fine if it wasn't for the fact work is slow... dead in fact. So have had 4 quality streets =8 syns
    A packet of hula hoops 6 1/2 syns and Kr kipling fruit pie for 11 1/2 syns - so mondays total syn value is 26.

    Sounds like a lot but if I flexi syn and just stick to 5 syns until Thursday i should be okay. just 2 more days iin the office as Id o not work ona wednesday. Still positive for a good weight loss
  15. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Tuesday Meal Planner Extra Easy day


    tuna pasta salad
    Black Bean and vegetable soup

    Turkey hot pot and veg

    2 qapples
    2 pears
    2 celemtines
    1 hard boiled egg
  16. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Weigh in tomorrow and I am feeling positive.

    Now have even more of an incentive to stay in track, I am going to Egypt in March! So need to shake this excess weight!

    Thursday Meal Planner RED DAY

    Tinned mackerel in tomato on toast 2 X wholemeal bread Hex B

    Food for work
    Curried BNS soup
    Tuna salad
    Ham sandwich - 2 x Wholemeal bread Hex B, 1 tsp light butter 1 syn

    Free Veg

    Benefit light summer fruits cereal bar 4 1/2 syns
    Must remember I have 2 x HEX A

    I find I am more tempted and hungry at work, rarely get the munchies when I am at home.
    Last edited: 2 January 2014
  17. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    2lb off this week and got slimmer of the week. I was not expecting that little surprise.

    Not as happy with the weight loss as was expecting more. But it is off.

    Also need to stop picking food without writing on to the food diary.

    Going to attempt an alcohol free January. Lets see how that goes.

    Friday meal planner Red Day 6.5 syns
    All bran Hex B
    Milk Hex B

    Curried BNS soup
    Chicken breast salad 1 tbsp extra light mayo =1 syn

    Beef stew 1 syn
    Free Veg

    4 ryvita sesamecrispbreads 3 = Hex B - 1 = 1.5 syns
    4 x Laughing cow light blue Cheese - Hex A
    Hifi rocky road bar 3 syns
    Last edited: 3 January 2014
  18. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Dammit forgot I was going to have an EE day. and edded up using 2 Hex B for lunch and breakfast oopsy. I a little bit of a swap around is in order.

    Tinned mackerel in tomato sauce
    2 x bread Hex B

    skimmed milk Hex A
    All Bran Hex B

    Ham and Egg Salad

    Syns - going to a belated New years eve party tonight. so I am sure I will find some syns. :D Will update in the morning.

    Really do not feel hungry today


    May have gone OTT on syns.- 1 bottle of crabbies ginger beer 13 syns
    2 x packet of crisps 12 syns

    quality streets - have no idea how many

    But if I stick to 5 syns per day I should be able to flexi syn it.

    I just could not be bothered to even try to be good.
    Last edited: 5 January 2014
  19. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Today is a rubbish day in regards to the Fibromyalgia.

    Did nt get to sleep til 4. Got woken up at 5 in pain. Then woke up at 9:30. Every movement hurts.

    Mother is coming round and making me a fry up and I have taken out a frozen SW keema curry.

    So today is looking like an Extra Easy day.

    Was going to make up some Speed soup today will give the ingredients to my mother and ask her to cook it up for me. So hopefully that will also negate my poor choices last night.
  20. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    i cannot remember what I ate yesterday. It was EE. And I had 6 syns. Damn bug.

    I had a rough nights sleep with the pain and stuff.

    Too ill to work today.

    But hear is my meal plan for the day

    Baked beans on 2 wholemeal toast Hex B

    Spinanch and potato soup
    Ham and egg salad

    Speed soup


    350ml skimmed milk in my decaf tea.

    2 x high fi bars... synned
  21. Cazzabelle

    Cazzabelle Full Member

    Lost 2lbs which i am pleased about considering I have had noro virus and stuff :)

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