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  1. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    Hi all!

    I've decided to come on board after starting Exante... I found I couldn't manage such a low cal diet with a very active lifestyle... so here I am. :)

    So i'll be including the shakes into my diet for the next... few months.. maybe more!

    Anyhoo, onwards and downwards my lovelies xxx
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  3. xsarahx

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  4. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    Day 1

    I didn't have things super planned today or I would have had more healthy things, nevertheless

    Breakfast - Exante shake (201)

    Lunch - Tesco chicken & sweetcorn sammich (370) walkers ready salted 34.5g (183) sukie drink (50)

    Dinner - four pieces of bread (376) tin of tomato soup (226) butter # 4tsp (70)

    Exercise: -793 calories (kettlebell class for a whole hour!!)

    So by this point I was sitting at about 700ish net, so I had some orange chocolate segments (as an evening treat at 264 calories, bringing me to just into 4 figures - 1001 calories.

    Must try better :(

    Might do a Wendi plan with my calories to vary my days, try to fit my exercise around higher days and have myself more organised when it comes to getting my calories in. I'm still building myself up from a VLCD so I'm happy enough to take 1001 net for now :)

    I didn't low carb today (theres about 200g of carbs in that, if not more) but I didn't find myself getting too hungry. It's almost like ketosis has reprogrammed my brain into not wanting them as much. Weiiird.

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