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CD 100% SS

Hi everyone, I have just dropped off my form so that my doctor can sign it off (I can't believe he will charge me for it, it's a university surgery too :sigh: ). Anyway instead of actually trying to be positive about it he was quite negative saying that Cambridge Diet Counsellors were not taking any of the blame if something was to go wrong etc and it has really put me down. I still definitely want to go ahead with it because I am determined to lose the weight but what he said has left so many question marks. I would appreciate it if one of the CD counsellors could let me know the worst case scenarios if I was to go onto 100% SS.
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Unfortuneately some GP's do ask for payment for signing the medical form. Why was he negative?? As you are doing something constructive to losing weight you would hope he would have been positive. Again some GP's are anti VLCD's ..... but if we could diet by eating lots of freah fruit and veg and healthy meals we'd not have a weight problem! Some GP's are more sympathetic than others - but this gives you a challenge to prove him wrong and show him how well you can do!

Not sure relly what he meant about CDC's not taking the blame if anything went wrong .... we ask he looks at the medical form and signs it to say there is nothing in your medical history to make it dangerous for you to do CD. Surely that's a responsible attitude for CDC to take??

Ask away if you have any worries - and one of us will try to answer.
Thanks alot for replying. I also tried to explain to him that the form needs to be signed by him to corroborate what had been put down on it regarding my medical history. The only reason I needed him to sign it is because my BMI is over 40. Am not going to dwell on his negativity.

How long does it take for someone to get onto the programme? I will have the signed form on Friday.
Once the form is signed - have your appointment with your CDC and then you can get started straight away! The first 3 days are the worst - after that you shouldn't feel hungry - stick with it, plenty of water and come on here asking away!!

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