CD 1st week 10.5lbs i need your help :) .....

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by charleenjohnson, 4 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. :copon:Hello fellow dieters i have not been on for 4 weeks this is my 1st proper week on CD whoooohooo. i lost 10.5lbs

    I am doing SS and my CDC said if i am realy feelingthe burn either mmunch on some broccoli of cauliflor or cucumber ..but i must admit i am scared if i do that i will not lose any more!! has any one else tried this method????
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  3. Rayven

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    To be honest i would have thought that munching on 'anything' would hinder weight loss. I was told by my CDC that having any carbs could potentially knock you out of ketosis and although you will still lose weight you'll find it harder.
  4. Purple Hugs

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    all of those mentioned are in the 'green and white' section of SS+ so perhaps your CDC is trying to keep you within the SS+ if you feel that you NEED to eat. It's better this than cheating. Have a good read of your book for the green and white section. :)

    Well done on the weight loss.. if after 4 weeks you continue to struggle this week then perhaps it's worth moving to SS+ - the average losses are still 12-14lb a month (SS is 14 a month on average).

    Good luck! :) Be strong - stronger now that you've finished a week as you'll be in ketosis :)
  5. sbridge7

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    Yeah I agree; vegetables do not have as much carbohydrates in them as fruit.

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