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Dear dieters,

I am on ss+ and I have a question:confused:. I know that I can have 3 sachets of CD and one 200kcal meal. Can I have the meal during lunch or should I have all the 3 sachets and then by late evening have my meal as dinner? Please help!:eek: Can I have black coffee on ss+? Also yesterday I did do the ketone test and the strip came out dark pink - almost purple... Is this good news because my weight does not seem to budge and the scales have been the same for a LONG time:(
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yes you can have black coffee :)

I did SS+ for one week and I had my meal at lunch time, I had one CD pack before lunch and 2 afterwards. I lost 7.6lbs. I think its up to you when you have your packs /
meal with SS+ as CD is very flexible that way.

The good news about the strips is that you are in ketosis, but it seems to be also showing that you are somewhat dehydrated, it would be worth increasing your water consumption

Best of luck with the diet ;)
Can I not do ssing and go straight to ss+? as I am finding it difficult to do only ss...I did it for a week and was really exhausted and therefore started the ss+. Is that ok?
Yes thats fine hun, you can have your 200cal meal whenever you want and its a yes to back coffee but the dark stick is indicating dehydration (as hedgehog said ) but you are in ketisis ( as Hedgehog said).
Yes you can go from SS to SS+ there is no problem with that at all ;)
Thank you darlings for the positive feedback and I am relieved that I can do the ss+ instead of the ss... It's better than ss as I almost fell sick... I will up my intake of water.. I do drink more that 10 glasses of water and I keep running to the loo:) but if you gals think its less I will drink more.. I should! I don't want to be dehydrated! I hope all of you are doing well and the diet is helping you reach your goals... Keep me in the loop for anything new and interesting:)

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