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CD and 10k Run

Hi all,

I decided like a mad woman to do a 10k run back in feb problem was my weight shot up to 14.3 st after breaking up with my boyfriend.

Well anyway I started the CD 3 weeks ago and ive lost a stone, my run is next Sunday and my gym instructor thinks I need to refill my glycogen stores b4 the race. I don’t want to ruin my diet but I also don’t wanna to fail the run.

Can anyone offer some advice?? I’ve tried having a banana before training but last week I only lost 1 pound!

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Laserbeams set on goal
Oooh not too sure hun, 10k is a lot and congrats on doing it and your loss so far!

Maybe speak to a doctor or something?? I can understand the logic in having something to keep you going, but also know it is a scary prospect!

Just think, even if it is decided you should have something, CD is always there afterwards. xx
Thanks Claire! i'll go see my doc in the week. Yup its really scary the thought of eating, i really dont want to ruin anything I've done. In the meantime any CDC's out there that want to offer some advice!??!?!?!
You can't always have everything :eek:

You have to accept that either you stick to SS, or you do this run.
You can't run on 400 calories per day :eek:

Maybe you could move up a plan or 2?
yeah i think i may have to step up the plan, I have over £500 riding on me doing the run so i have to do it! Eeeekkk ill talk to my CDC on monday when i got to get weighed again. ohhh me and my silly ideas!
good luck with the run xx


Is posting like mad!

I am about to start CD but have £500 (and rising) on me doing the cancer research race for life on 19th July. It's only 5K and I can walk it but I know how you feel worrying about having the energy to do the race.

Do you absolutely have to go for it full throttle or is it one of those ones where taking part is all that counts? How have you been doing in your training sessions can you complete 10K?

I hope a CDC comes on here with an answer for you and in the meantime good luck with your training and your run.

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