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CD and Anti Depressants


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It's a possibility that you won't be allowed to do the diet, but that isn't cast in stone. As I understand it, you'd need to have your GP's agreement to do the diet, in otherwords, he/she will have to sign the medical form.

To some extent, I guess it'll depend on what your depression's about. If any of it's to do with how you feel about yourself at your current weight, then losing some, and losing it fast would help. But CD needs quite a strong mindset, and finding yourself unable to stick to CD might make you feel worse.

It's a tricky one, and to a large extent depends on how your GP views VLCDs. Some can be quite adamant that reduced calorie diets and exercise are the only way to go--but as many of us here can testify, that's often easier said than done. :)

Talk to your CDC (who will almost certainly tell you to talk to your GP) and discuss your options. I think the lowest CD plan you can do without permission from the doctor is 1200.

Hope you get something sorted hun. :hug99:
Which ones are they??? I'm on effexor and ok with them ... I think it is the very heavy weight anti depressants for really severe depression where they are contra indicated. However it would be best to get the form signed by your GP and him to feel happy with you doing it and regularly supervise you whilst on it.
Just to confirm it you are severely depressed then you cannot do the programme, what is classed as severe is for your Gp to make that decision.

If you are on strong medication such as Lithium then this is a no no.

If on more standard anti depressants and your GP is positive then you are fine to do the diet.

If you need clarification then get your counsellor to call the medical team at Cambridge who can advise or talk to a senior counsellor such as Linda (CD Counsellor)




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I did CD whilst on Citalopram and Fluoxetine, so it depends on the type you are on, speak to your GP for clarification or your prescription should come with a leaflet explaining what is including in your meds. x

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