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CD and Babies!

no body knows then? no probs
I don't know the "correct" answer but I am sure that a CDC will be along to answer in full shortly. I do know that people on here have been TTC and conceived successfully on CD but obviously it is vital that as soon as you know or suspect that you may be pregnant then you should stop CD because of the low calorie intake etc.

I think no-one has replied to your post as yet because it is still quite early but I am sure that someone will be along with a more indepth answer soon.

Good luck with your TTC xxx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
hey, i dont know the answer but i wouldn't of thought you should be trying while on CD, maybe you should move onto a higher plan for a month or something and see if that works? you have to think what do you want more, a baby or to be slim lol, and rememeber you can do cd again 3 months after you've had a baby xx
I start IVF in August and am doing Cambridge I will be coming off the diet though once I start it. I am just doing Cambridge to get the pounds off!
thanks i think ill let my cdc know that im gonna leave it for now then! cheers
it might be worth stopping to conceive for a while, while you lose some weight then start trying again, as its ment to be easier after uve lose weight thats if ur carrying alot of weight.
I dont see a problem with ttc whilst on cd aslong as you keep an eye on dates and asoon as possible test to see if you are pregnant and stop diet. I myself fell on diet (after 2yrs and clomid)and so did twin sister and currently have 4 ladies who have just fell pregnant on ss and now waiting for my second batch of cambridge babies lol

Also if you are ttc take folic acid every day aswell, as you need extra than the rda which are in the packs.

cdc norwich
S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
i can not see a reason why you can not try for a baby whilst on cd..

aslong as you keep an eye on things as soon as its positive then stop..

lots of people fall pregnant on cd, take folic acid aswell.. chat with your cdc about it too.. but if i was trying i wouldnt stop cd, and i think we may well try again this year get this inplant out would love another one before my youngest starts school (they grow up so quick :( )

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