CD and Beta Blockers


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I'm still struggling along trying to get my head back in a good place to do CD and now my GP has put me on beta blockers.

Is it ok to do (try to do!) CD while taking them?

Now you've been very quiet, missy!!! :)

SS and Beta Blockers are not a good mix - though am not quite sure if they are officially contraindicated though I would imagine so....sorry to be nosy, but what are they for?

Fi, we never really had a chance to have a proper chat at BC but I would sincerely suggest that you try either 790 or 1000kcal or even 1200kcal first, especially at this time of year! Losses will be slower and steady which is better than gaining.

Gonna PM you,
I'm on beta blockers and my GP gave me the go ahead to SS.
One thing though is they suppsedly slow weight loss down, but I am happy with the 31 pounds I have lost in 9 weeks.

Ps ... you do need to see your GP VERY often, to monitor your BB ... I've seen mine 3x in 9 weeks.
I too am on beta-blockers (atenolol) and my GP signed me on to CD SS and I've not noticed any problems.. in fact the weightloss has helped bring my BP down so much that I am on only 25mg a day as opposed to 50mg a day!

I get my BP monitored fortnightly at my surgery.. it is a very individual thing perhaps.. but as I say... I'm ok on them and losing well. Best of luck hon , keep us posted! x
I know I've been quiet and I know I said I wasn't going to be but I suppose I just feel bad for not being able to do it!
I spoke to Pam before she went on holiday and I decided that I wanted to start again. I was so determined at the time but my determination has just disappeared and she's back this weekend and instead of lost I've probably flippin put on again.

I've been put on them for migraine and anxiety, my BP has never been a problem luckily!

I'll get there one day. Maybe the time's just not right. I wish it was though.

Hey Fiona

Maybe you need to just take it one day at a time? That's what I'm doing at the moment, but I'm prepared to fall if it happens and just keep picking myself back up. You have such a quiet determination- I have so much faith in you honey xx