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cd and giving blood??


getting slimmer
i am due to give blood next tues, and this will be my 1st time since starting cd.
i give 4 times a year, for years now.
i am on ss+ in the week, and having weekends "off" at the mo.
should i still give blood??
maybe 810 that day and the next??
not seeing my cdc before then so i'd thought i'd check with you guys.
thanks in advance!! xx
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Maybe you should check with the bloodbank. I think it could be bad for you; giving blood makes you a bit weak.. right?

If you're on a very low calorie diet maybe you could e.g. faint or something..

I think it would be good to do 810 just to make sure you feel stronger etc and have some more energy.. Hope it makes sense a bit haha.. don't know much about it but this is how it seems in my logic..


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Is it all right to continue the ‘Sole Source’ programme if giving blood?
The ‘Sole Source’ programme should not be followed for one week preceding blood donation and for one week after. In fact, a centre will refuse to take blood if they know the donor is on a very low calorie diet, because blood viscosity and volume are affected by the ‘Sole Source’ programme.

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Love Mini xxx


getting slimmer
ah, what????
what a hard desision!!
give blood and break the diet for 2 WEEKS!!!
or dont give blood.
suppose its only once, will def be at goal by the next time......
what counts a a very low calorie diet??
810??? is that vlcd?? x

thanks eveyone! x


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810??? is that vlcd??
Yes it is.

I think personally you would be better off sticking with your diet and when you are off the diet you can then make up for lost time.

You are very good giving blood, it is something we should all do more of.

Love Mini xxx


Don't worry, be happy :)
I really would recommend that you do not give blood whilst on a vcld.
I was on aitkins a few year back and therefore would have been in ketosis at the time, I gave blood one day (I had been donating every 3 months for a few years and was fine everytime) and I felt absolutley crap after it, I felt like i was going to faint, blurry vision, hot flushes followed by sweating, and the shakes, it was awful.
So that on ketosis alone without the low calorie part of a vcld would more than likely cause you to pass out due to extemely low blood sugar.
You may be fine but from personal experience i would never attempt it again :eek:.


getting slimmer
looks like i am gonna give it a miss :-(

they'll be plenty more though so not too bad!

i go areobics that morning, and work 3 hours cleaning in the day, and in the evening in the night, so dont wanna make myself ill.

thanks mini, it makes me feel good knowing that i'm doing a little to help someone. also on the bone marrow list too.
i'm lucky, my son and family are all healthy, some arent so fortunate.

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