CD and holiday

Hello everyone

I need quick advice. I'm going on a long holiday this week. I've been on CD since August and lost 2 st

I'm very pleased with the results. I'm looking forward to my holiday but it's freaking me out because I don't want to put on weight. There will be lots of eating out. How can I maintain my weight and enjoy my holiday?

I was thinking of taking CD packets with me but my relatives might think I'm a killjoy or something if I don't join them for meals.

If you are in my position what would you do? Would you let go and just enjoy holiday, put on weight then go back to CD later?

Any advice would be great. Thanks.

I know some people are stronger than me, they have holidays with just using the packs, but for me that would spoil half the point of the holiday, eating is such a social thing.
I would take some bars/tetras with me in case there are meals I can substitute, and other than that try to keep to high protein, low fat, low carb foods. And steer clear of the alcohol. Since you only have 7lbs to go you should be looking at coming up the CD steps anyway, perhaps you can have a chat with your CDC about how to do this. Try and keep up the water intake if you can.
When you get home don't panic if the scales say you've put on vast amounts, it seriously isn't possible to put on fat without consuming the excess calories (3500 per lb), so most of it will be water and can be put right fairly quickly.
Have a fantastic holiday.
Hi Mystical, this is a toughie one to answer coz there will be so many opinions!! i will give you mine and see if it helps.

If I was going on holiday I would have 2/3 packs per day and 1 meal per day too, I would stick to low carb high protein and healthy options.

If you just give up and start eating again you will flood your body with carbs and this would show a large gain on the scales.

Getting back to CD is so hard to do, and can depend on your frame of mind on returning.

Why not have a chat with your cdc and get their advice, it may be worth starting with aam a couple of days before you go x
Hi ya, :)

Me and my sister went to irealand for a week in October and we had this discussion also. We decided that we would take our Cambridge bits and stay focused. We didn't regret it and we had a fantastic time, socialising with our coffee and water.
We did do plenty of walking and sightseeing during the day which kept us from thinking of food. Plus i am sure my sister would have slapped me round the head if i was naughty.
If you do want to eat with your friends then try and stick to the green and white food where you can. Keep your water intake up and dont skip any of your Cambridge sachets as these will help you stay full.

Hope you have a lovely time.

Nick :)
Hi Christine
here's my view, for what its worth!
next May my hubby & i are going away, on our own, no kids. This will be the first time since we got married 13 years ago. We are going all inclusive & i fully intend enjoying myself as i don't know when we will get this opportunity again. I have allready spoken to my cdc about it & plan that from beginning of march will move up to 760 for a couple of week then 1000 & so on so that while away the change won't be so drastic & then when i get back get back on ss again for the final run
good luck whatever you choose to do
Thanks for the's really hard...i've been eating ever since i came here...i did not drink any shakes at all ...i will try my best to replace one or two meals with it for the duration of my holiday...Today is day 3 of holiday...I don't want to gain weight...If I maintain my weight, i would feel so much better...but i suppose that's wishful thinking...

Hi, It's hard but I think it'll be worth it. I was within 1/2 stone of target and went on my hols. Had a few days with DH rellies first and put on 10lbs in one week end. No low carb or high protein food. Wish I'd taken packs as I think they's have understood special diet better than no. Came back from rest of hols a stone heavier and found it really hard to get back into SS. Taken me a month to lose 9lbs.

worst bit- don't remember what I ate at all. Nothing stands out that makes the weight gain worthwhile.:mad:

Not going to give up though:)