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CD - Atkins - SW - Another newbie!!

Hello everybody!

Just thought i'd say hi, i'm moving over to SW as of today. I started losing back in feb on CD, lost 3 stone in 3 months on that and then for various reasons i moved over to atkins, losing another 1.5 stone ish. I've lost my motivation with atkins recently and find sorting out breakfasts, dinners and lunches a tad tiresome. I'd like also to start upping my carb level as i have a few lbs left until i reach a healthy bmi level which is what i set my goal at. I'd like to be at and slightly under this level before Christmas. So here i am... totally new. I've never done SW before. My mum recently attended the first meeting to get the books and now she knows what she's doing she's let me borrow the books to get started. I think i'll mostly be doing red days for now as i'm already used to low carb levels. Nice to meet you all! :)
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hello! these boards are great! enjoy SW, I love it xx
Love your sparkly Claire - I'm a Claire too!! xxx
Hello mrs, good to hear from you! Yeah atkins went well for me. Just starting to struggle a little with planning quick breakfasts when at work and things to take into work to eat. Seem to be working loads at the moment so it was getting worse really. Mum's had good results on SW so thought i'd give the red days a go. I need to start upping my carb levels anyways and i thought this may prove a nice controlled way of doing so.
Hi Claire and welcome!!
You've done really well so far and I dont think you are going to have any trouble adjusting to SW!

Good luck.
Welcome newbie :)
Congrats on your fab weight losses, youl get that last bit of weight off in no time with sw.. and youl enjoy every moment i'm sure. Its nice to have the freedom of slimmingworld, esp when working!
Let us know how you get on and keep posting! xx
Hiya Fern, well done on your losses to - you're doing great!! Have you lost everything on SW?

Hello Donnie, you've also got really stuck into it too haven't you! Well done!

Today so far has been -

B. 1 alpen light bar
D. 3 slices nimble wholemeal bread, dollop VLF salad cream, ham n slice cheddar. Vanilla muller light with chopped banana in it.
T. Prawn stirfry with mixed vegs n spoon red pesto.

One coffee using milk from allowance.
SF squash.

May have another yoghurt/more fruit later on.

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