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CD - Atkins....


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I am on CD and currently feeling sick and generally rubbish....

I have 11 stone to loose or there abouts and was wondering what you eat on induction... is it lean meat and leafy veg

because right now I would quite happily commite murder for a slice of roast beef and a bit of veg!!

Weight loss is slower than CD I guess but this has to be better for you surely?
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I switched from Lighterlife to Atkins 6 weeks ago, I don't want to sway your decision one way or the other, but for me even though the weight loss is slower I have never been so happy on a diet. I lost 20 lbs in the first 2 weeks of LL and after 7 weeks on Atkins I have lost 16 more lbs, so as long as you are prepared for the slowdown in weightloss you should be fine.


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Hi kiera and welcome to our threads and forums,yes take a look at the stickies and think about it.:)
Welcome Keira :)
Hi im doing the same thing, I have lost 20lbs on cambridge diet but have swapped to high protein diet, been on it for 4 days and have put on 2lbs boo hoo. Im not panicking though as I suppose the body has to go through a period of adjustment so just gonna have a good week, no cheats and see how my weight is next week. Good luck
Don't worry about putting on 2 lbs, I also took a while to adjust to the Atkins diet, after a diet of 500 calories a day you will take a little time to adjust, but if you stick to it then you cannot fail to lose weight. When I did the Atkins years ago and failed it was because I kept thinking about all the things I couldn't eat, the secret I have found is to do exactly the opposite and think about all the great food you can eat, I have the Lighterlife diet to thank for this as after eating nothing for so long you really come to appreciate eating anything :)
Thanks hellraiser, its easy to get panicky isnt it, I stood on the scales this morning and im like noooooo 2lbs on, thats not the way its supposed to go!
Mind you, I still cant face the thought of going back to those shakes lol.


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Thanks everyone - I have another week on the shakes then i will move over to atkins for one I can't afford the cost every week!!

So now I am looking forward to real food - before I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel!!


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i lost 14lbs on atkins and after two weeks i wanted to die. I had a break and kept most of it off and now Im on atkins and lost 7lbs in the first week. My second weigh in is tomorrow - excited xx
LOL, sounds like the Atkins flu to me, it's your body changing from burning carbs for energy to burning fat instead.

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