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CD bars


Size 14 here i come!
Hi with the bars i love them all but y not get one of each and make your own choice??

Everyones taste is different you may like or not! That's what i did and have always stuck with toffee bars only.!


Size 14 here i come!
Thanks shanny, the only thing is i am getting 2 weeks worth of products on mon as the following week is half term and hard for me to get childcare, What if i don't like alot of the bars and then have to miss out meals? I suppose i could get extra just in case...hmm
I hated all the soups i tried and have had to swap them! Gutted as liking 1 would have been nice.


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Choc orange is the only bar I don't like, don't like choc orange shake either! Best to try each 1, good luck xx


Size 14 here i come!
Thanks both of you i will give them all a try but not the choc orange and not sure about the cranberry one either. I love peanuts so i'm praying i will like the peanut crunch bar.
lm a peanut crunch girl, have had a choc orange l found it very claggy on my tounge after eating, but everyone's taste is different.


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I can't stand chocolate orange shakes - but I love chocolate orange bars. :D :D :D

So don't write them off just yet...


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The choc orange bar is nice actually, and I hate the shake. But my absolute favourite has to be cranberry, followed by peanut.


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Is it because the Choc orange shake is lactose-free - does that alter the taste ?

I love the orange bar as it is dark chocolate... when I got my last lot of supplies, I got one of each of the bars and I am working my way through them now.... I have liked them all so far, and even if you don't want to repeat the experience, I don't think any of them are that revolting that you would miss a meal...

When do we get the bars/tetras/porridges? I start week 2 on saturday.




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Hey stinky!! It's really a matter of personal taste. I got several bars this week and after tasting the chocolate one I returned all my soft bars in favour of peanut :D I was so put off by the taste of the chocolate one I couldn't face the others!! I do really like peanut though yum yum

I was allowed to have porridge from day 1 and allowed the bars after 2 weeks. I have never had the tetras so not sure about that.

Hope you are getting on alright x
thanks blingbabe

yeah its going fine..im on the ss+ started last wednesday, by the saturday i had lost 5 pounds and i havent weighed myself since (CDC said i wasnt allowed! hehehe)..im going for my next WI on sat and im gonna ask about porridge and bars.
I loooove the cranberry ones and I don't actually like cranberry. I think they are all lovely.
my cdc said i could have the bars from week two but thinking i should leave it too week three i am on ss+ but worried about coming out of ketosis i am nearly at the end of week one and have lost seven pounds dont want to undo it all ???
I'm not usually of orange flavoured chocolate but I really love the choc orange bar - also really like the malt one and the peanut and do buy the cranberry but not as keen on them. I'd recommend giving them all a try as you might be surprised --- I expected to loathe the toffee & walnut shake but I love made hot, it's like my own version of horlicks/ovaltine.
I think the orange bar tastes a bit like a Terrys Chocolate orange bar - or maybe I've said it enough times that I've started to believe it lol. I dislike all of the others apart from the cranberry and chocolate, but I've never tried the peanut as I dont really fancy it

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