CD calorie intake????


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Hi Guyz
Question for the experts on CD - can you tell me what the calories are for the packs, if they're 140 then 3 packs is only 420cals a day???? Is this ok or a bit too low????
Thanks xxx
LOL I think that is the Idea of a Very Low Calorie Diet.
They are low in calories but stuffed with goodness so don't Panic there are loads of us who have survived it.
Yep basically those 3 packs (4 if you are male or over 5 ft 8) contain all the vitamins and nutrients you need. That's why even when you get into ketosis and are no longer feeling hungry you must have your three packs per day :)
Oh I thought there could be room for 1 more???

oh - :D :D :D hoped I might be able to squeeze a 3 course meal in on tope of em x
oh yeah - will def have all packs, I've had 1 so far. I'll have soup when I get in then a lovely cold shake or a warm latte x
Cheryl, I always got a bit hungry, not ravenous but hungry all the same. My ketosis wasn't brilliant, I didn't feel wonderful and full of energy, I guess it just doesn't work like that for some of us.

I think bars (other than the crunchy ones) are 170 odd calories.