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Hello, I am new to this website and I am also new to the Cambridge Diet. I have contacted a counsellor and I am hoping to start in January 2009. This is pending my GP's approval as I am pretty overweight.

I am about 16st 7lbs now having used the weight watchers method to reduce from 19st. I am now at the stuck point. I call it the stuck point because this is where weight loss grinds to a halt and I know from here if I don't do something radical I can only get heavier.

Once upon a time the stuck point used to occur at about 13st and I remember a time when I used to get stuck at about just under 12st. Can you see the trend I am trying to avoid? I'm sure some of you must know what I'm talking about. I don't know why this happens but I am going to throw everything I have at it. CD, LighterLife mag, this website, Beck Diet Solution (CBT), at an appropriate time I'll introduce exercise (walk, gym, run).

I know people are going to try to put me off so I am prepared (I think) to be nasty about it. "Well, my Doctor thinks it's okay. Better than dying early." "Do you know I have obstructive sleep apnoea? The worst thing about this is not the cosying up to a CPAP machine every night, but knowing that I am at greater risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, death."

I hate to be mean but I think friends and family need to get behind me on this one, because the consequences of me not getting myself under control are very serious indeed.

I hope to start a new job in the new year and I pray they don't have a eating culture like the one in my old job. Food everywhere. In the desk drawers, on the filing cabinet, next to the printer. Not to mention any excuse to have a group meal.

This could be a very long post but I'll save some of my other gripes for later. :):):)

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Hi Bee. I just want to wish you the best of luck with CD. I'd advise caution on the nastiness towards family and friends as it may cause upset etc but I do understand your need to impress upon them that you need to take drastic measures.

I've heard about this Beck CBT, is it any good do you know? :)


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Hi Bee.

CD is brilliant if you stick to it. Minimins has been a great support to me and despite the fact that my doctor was anti-VLCD's he is starting to warm up towards them now. I didn't tell a soul when I started and I have decided not to, this is something that I have to do for me and I just do not want to deal with the negativity from other people, it's a personal choice. I started the diet at a massive 19st 5lbs and am now 16st 13lbs after just over 5 weeks (almost 6 weeks). I wasn't on WW before I started but I was on my own calorie controlled diet and to be honest it gets easier with time. Most of the struggles people are faced with are mental so if your mind is in the right place then you may find it much easier. All the best Bee.


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hiya hun :welcome: to minimins :) lots of friendly support here and people going through the same thing as you :) there will prob be people who dont approve of vlcd's but sod them its your life your body. Best of luck hunnie and get posting around you will feel at home in no time ;) xx

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hello im new 2 this site and about 2 start teh cambridge diet on monday,i have bin on it b4 and done great but after 2 miscarrages thsi year i put all 4 stone i lost bk on plust a extra few lbs 4 about 18 stone and discusted with myself .i have 2 do this and the cd counceler i have is exclent,she is more like a friend she is always there when i need a cry or anything.she is encourage the cd 2 any1 but u really have 2 b in teh rite frame of mind 2 do it as it really isnt a easy diet at all.but teh best 1 iv bin on as the euphoria u get with it is brilliant,id say go 4 it and stuff any 1 who tries 2 put u of it .gud luck
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Hello Bee, I'm not really in a position to welcome you to this forum as I am very new here myself. But I wanted to wish you all the very best of luck starting Cambridge. Please don't listen to negativity towards Cambridge and other VLCDs, yes they do have some side affects, but doesn't everything?

The one thing about a VLCD is you see excellent results very quickly which helps to motivate you further. You will come into contact with people who want to tempt you into eating (I am not sure what they get out of it). Still to your guns, as others have said VLCDs are more a state of mind than a physical thing. If you are ready for weight loss you will do very well.


Bec x

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Hello Bee, welcome to Minimins. As the others have said you'll find loads of really great support here.

I've been doing CD since September and it's got me past my previous "stuck point" of 2stone off (have now lost just under 4st in total).

Good luck with it, you will not regret it. :)


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Thanks for the wonderful warm welcomes. I have just got my medical record form and information for Doctors, so as soon as I can I will make an appointment to see my Doctor. I have a choice of three doctors I can see and as I cannot think who might be more sympathetic, I will have to see the one with the first available appointment.

Lyn8124 - you make a good point. It is best not to be nasty but I will be as assertive as needs be. I guess this is a golden opportunity to strengthen my assertiveness. I have just started reading the Beck book and haven't gotten to the daily program as yet. I will certainly let you know if it is any good. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is supposed to be good for a lot of conditions such as depression and anxiety. I'm not sure, but I think the counselling in Lighter Life is based on CBT.

Thanks again. Bee.