CD & IBS--- Anyone Know??


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Does anyone know if CD can have an effect on IBS??

Does anyone have IBS and is on CD??

*Note: IBS is irritable bowel syndrome which is just a name to describe various gastro-intestinal malaises. It is a syndrome and not much is known about it and there really isn't effective treatment (i.e. medicine). So, I make do with OTC stuff.*

Because I don't know if it is my IBS acting up or if CD doesn't react completely harmoniously with my tummy. :confused:
Most people with IBS - in my experience - find that their symptoms dramatically improve whilst on CD or other vlcds.

The official guidance from CD UK is to split your packs in half if you're experiencing an upset tummy, so as to 'dilute' the concentrated vitamins and minerals, and to drink lots of water to ease your symptoms.

Hope you feel better soon.
I know a lot of people find it improves, because a lot of the food intolerance stuff is taken away...all the usual suspects apart from Dairy. If your IBS gets worse however, I'd be pretty suspicious that dairy is your problem...your doc would probably be interested to hear that too. Have you ever had a York test? Not el cheapo at £250 but it gives you an accurate list of all the foods you are allergic to from a blood sample. Whether or not you'd be able to stay away from them is a different story...its usually all the things you are attracted to (stupid bodies...why do they do that?)
I have collitous(sory if i have spelt it wrong lol) and the symptoms are the same as IBS and i have had no probs when on Cd with the packs the only prob i have had is with the water flavourings on cd and ll especailly as LL flavourings have something called Inulin in them which has a laxative effect.I have found that i cant drink more than one serving of the Cd water flavourings per day as they cause me to have stomach cramps and other not very nice symptoms.
Hi Jock, yes I think kids can - but you do the blood bit yourself, and send it in the post. Here's the website Food Intolerance Testing – York Test

So if you can stick a pin in your little one, then by all means yes! Less pain than cramping and the other symptoms of IBS though so well worth it...all you do is prick your finger and put it on the swab provided, place that in the special container they give you and send it back. They write to you with a comprehensive list of what you are allergic to and a booklet etc. Its all above board - there are a lot of similar kinds of things on the market but none as extensive or accurate - my nutritionist recommended it so it must be good.
Hi Cait,
I've had a few problems with my tum since starting the CD, but have managed to curb them by splitting my packs in half, as others have suggested, having most of the shakes hot rather than cold as that makes them easier on your system, taking an anti-acid tablet in the morning, and whilst not following the 790 plan entirely, taking the protein from that and eating that throughout the day.

It shouldn't slow down weight loss as it's only protein, but it stops me from having an acidic tummy and other reactions, plus I feel better for being regular if you see what I mean!
Hope that helps - don't be afraid to be creative within the boundaries set by CD. I know my way is the only way that will make me feel well enough to see this through, so I hope you find yours.

Good luck x
I have 3 clients who have IBS - and for all of them it has improved ............ but initially was worse for 2 of them.

1 found the bars made her worse - but because she liked them - she persevered and by having half a bar a day can now have the bars too.

I stock the lactose free mushroom soup, but CD also do choc and vanilla lactose free shakes.
my ibs improved dramatically whilst on ss, im on 1000 now and hasnt been too bad, i move upto 1200 tomorrow so it will be interesting to see if it returns
I have IBS nd have been fine. THe slugishness and bloating has completely disappeared ans my other problems have been managable
I've been doing CD 790 for three weeks, lost 18 lbs so very pleased. I also have IBS and would say that over those three weeks it has been better than usual, partly as a result of the cutting out of sugar and fat I suspect. However I have a bar a day in the evening with my coffee and that makes things a bit weird, but as I love them and it makes me feel human again (I am a biscuit addict) I am waiting till my next weigh in before reassessing.