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CD is overwhelming me all of a sudden...

Hey guys. You can tell I'm back at work now as I'm not glued to this site!

I had my week 2 weigh in and lost 5 lbs. Jo my gf lost 3 lbs. Which puts us both on an even keel at 17lbs each in 2 weeks.

Now this is going to sound a bit ridiculous but the more I dwell on it the less 5lbs seems to me. I'd like to clarify for all the slimmers out there losing 2-4 lbs a week calling me a pratt you are probably right.

However, I have a friend doing lighter life who has managed to average about 7 lbs a week and has lost over 4 and a half stone in 9 weeks. Now the diets in terms of what you are putting in your body are virtually identical and so I was really looking forward to losing half a stone a week and losing 5 just makes me think... well if I only lose 5lbs a week it's going to take me so much longer to get to goal.

My 15 stone goal I've decided is actually not really low enough as it simply takes me within a BMI of 30 and leaves me overweight and I really want to get to a healthy BMI which means I actually need to lose about 9 and a half stone instead of 7.

Now 7 stone scared the pants off of me. 9 stone or more and I need a new pair! I think I'm just getting overwhelmed by everything and I really don't know how to pick myself up back into the motivated person I was for the first couple of weeks.

I'm not stupid and I know how much 17lbs in 2 weeks is and maybe I should just stop being a pratt but I keep thinking off all the occasions over the next few months where I'm going to miss good food and drink and genuinely thinking I don't want to not eat on those occasions.

I feel like I could do sole source for a few weeks at a time but everytime there's a social event where I'd have the oppertunity to eat something really tasty and probably quite unhealthy I could just stop for the evening and then start again the next day but I know that totally misses the point of the diet. Having a break from food and teaching yourself to appreciate what food really is, is the key here and I'm just not feeling it right now.

I'm thinking how am I going to go till Xmas day without something really tasty and then will it be too much at once. Yummy food has always been something to make myself feel good and without it I'm just starting to feel unhappy I think. I've not been slim since I was about 9/10 years old and as much as I want to look good I don't think I'm going to break this bad relationship with food as a pick me up. I feel like I need therapy!

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OK stop! You are not your friend - or your girlfriend ... so don't compare yourself to them! This is YOUR weight loss journey and as such some weeks you may lose more, some less than them. All you need to concentrate on is you and why you want to lose it ...

Step back - take each part of a day as it comes - stop looking too far in the future. If you look at being good between each meal before you know it a day will have passed and you'll have been good all day! If you can do a day - you can do 2 ... then you can do a week, and before you know it a month will have passed!

Slowly slowly - and the results will be enough of a reward!!

Serena A

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Good advice from Flirty!

Personally for me when I think it's too tough I remind myself "well what's the alternative?" It's either stay the same/gain more weight or struggle yet again with a non-VLCD which will give me 6lbs loss a month if I'm very lucky.

Another thing I've done is set up my own weight loss graph which takes me up till Christmas, with one line charting how much I'd lose at a really good calorie-counting rate (for me) of 1 1/2lb per week, and then another line charting my actual loss to date doing CD. Right now I can see at a glance that in just 6 weeks I've got down to 12st 8, but my calorie counting would have me at 13st 9 right now. Seeing the huge gap between the two lines on my graph is really motivational!
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Hi hun,

I totally understand how you feel, so don't worry, we've all been there and it can be very overwhelming. Try to remember that in 2 more weeks you will be 7-10 pounds lighter and then imagine how different you will start to look. I still have a long way to go but am now being complimented a lot by my friends and family which really helps keep me focused and also because i know i look a damn sight better than i did. It's exciting to me now to see what i will look like with every half a stone i lose.

The weirdest thing is that people keep telling me how young i look as i've not been this weight for at least 10 years and so haven't looked like this for at least ten years(hope that makes sense) my friend said omg its like talking to 18 year old you again, it was really freaking her out!

Anyway after a lot of rambling what i'm trying to say is once you have a couple of stone off, people will start to react differently to you which makes it worth while.

You and your girlfriend are doing brilliantly, keep it up!
Hey Pete i wondered where you had gone too!!

I think it can be quite daunting to think how long your not eating for, but honestley this is gonna be so worth it.
Just you wait until you take measurments!

Please stick in there.
is it worth doing 1 stone targets? these are going to be ticked off pretty quickly and won't seem such a big chuck of weight to lose?
I think you've both done brilliantly, and flirty is right everyone loses weight differently and it's probably going to knock your motivation if you compare you and your mate. good luck:)


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I agree with all of the girls lovely and inspiring advice.
its best to look back on the wieght you have lost in such a short space of time and wonder if you had of even doen that in a month with SW or WW.
I bet next week you have a steady progress which, if you stick to it, is better than the odd pound here and the odd pound there. 5lbs a week is 20lbs a month ... thinking of you


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you are doing brilliantly. so you have 9 stone to lose. one of them has gone already... it's only been two weeks. slow down. set yourself mini goals. when i started ssing a week ago it was six days until i saw my cdc. six days. i thought, i can do six days, and i did. now i'm on day seven and i'm seeing her again in a week, but on friday i am going to have an ss+ day. so now i'm thinking, four days. four days isn't much. i can ss for four days, then i'll have an ss+ day on friday, then it's only three days until i see my cdc again. although i haven't been using this method for very long, it has really really really helped to keep me motivated. the first six days weren't much fun, but now they are done i know that in a couple of days i will have reached my next checkpoint as it were.

cut things down into smaller blocks. and remember. the time will pass regardless. christmas will arrive anyway. and you can be a few more stone closer to your goal or not. by christmas you may only have five stones to lose. or less. or you could be the same or heavier than you are now. it's all down to the choices you make. real choices and real decisions. it's up to you what you want out of that time.

abz xx
Thanks everyone. I don't think it's helping that this week I just don't seem to be losing any weight. I've had a couple of nights where I forgot/was too tired to have my fourth food pack. Would this cause me to plateau?
I think some weeks we aren't going to lose much weight but the next should make up for it. when I first started sometimes I was having trouble taking all 3 shakes but was told I wouldn't be getting all my nutrients and possibly because of the limited calories I was having my body may go into starvation mode?? I'm no expert but just passing on what I was told. Hope this helps


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are you into week three? week three is notorious for sts or a small loss as your body catches up with what you are doing but the week four losses make up for it!! so don't lose heart if your loss is small hon. you'll get a whoosh afterwards. pick a day and work towards it. just take it a day at a time rather than a month at a time. none of us can do that!!

abz xx
Pete mate - i know someone has mentioned it but try and measure yourself.

To be honest I did it when I started and sort of forgot about - but my missus picked up the tape measure last week and I nearly fell through the floor - lost 5 inches off my waist and chest and 1 inch off my neck.

If the weight is not the motivator then try that.

...and as the run in to xmas starts...I had a chat with my CDC and we agreed (actually I told her) that there was no way I was going through the season on Sole Source - no matter what my weight.

She reminded me that by December I could have lost another stone at least - and provided I wasnt bloody stupid I could have the odd drink and sensible food (turkey + veg, but no mince pies or pudding etc) ....sure I will pt on weight...but as she said...this is'nt a life sentence, we have commited no crime by being on this diet, so don't beat your self up about it - you are in control of the diet - it doesnt control you.

Worse case scenario - over Xmas I put on a stone - so I start the New Year 3 stone lighter rather then 4 stone...and I may have to start the whole Ketosis thingy again...so what???? I been morbidly obese for years - is another month or so going to stop what is happening for good?.......no.

Oh....one mroe thing (sorry its a bit of a rant).....what you like for the old exercise thingy??? - I am pretty sure my loss is now down to the diet + the walks I am now enjoying with the dog.....I don't go mad, but twenty mins every other day.
Hi all yes week 3 this week. Weighing in again on Saturday. Think 4 lbs is going to be a blessing if I lose that much this week. Docmel - exercise at the moment is off the cards until I lose some more weight and can actually enjoy it. Can't have a dog as in a rented flat but even when I had one I hated walking it! Maybe when I've lost the weight walking will interest me more but it's the wrong time of year for it for me! I agree I'm taking Christmas Day and NYE and NY Day off and will probably try and do some Sole Source Plus for a few weeks as well. I'll probably put on some weight as you say but there's no way I'm giving up enjoying the Xmas period.
pete - stayed the same week 3 even though i lost inches. becuase you have lost a lot of weight your body needs time to catch up! if you lose 3lbs this week you will think how much you preferred the 5lbs from last week. put it all into perspective! i would kill to lose the amounts you lose.

self doubt is all part of the journey - we all suffer from it. its the little voice in the head which tells you how depressing life is without food. what i would say is that instead of giving in why don't you ss+? this allows you to eat each evening (in addition to the shakes) things like salad, cottage cheese, turkey, tuna, chicken. try that for a week. i had to do this this week as I was starting to feel peckish.

keep going as you will feel better soon!

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